Paige DeSorbo from Summer House has finally found her perfect man in Southern Charm star Craig Conover, but when did the two officially start dating? Even though Craig was in a relationship with Natalie Hegnauer at the start of Winter House, it didn’t stop him from having a long-time crush on the fashionista. Viewers watched as Paige continued to play with Andrea Denver, but cameras caught snippets of the two forming a connection.

During the season, Paige and Craig developed a strong friendship that has now blossomed into a romantic relationship. After months of speculation, the two finally revealed that they were, in fact, a couple. Now, Bravo viewers are more curious than ever when it comes to figuring out when Cupid struck. Luckily, information about their romance timeline is available.


Before they appeared on the show together, Paige and Craig met during numerous functions hosted by the network. Even though they often bumped into one another, they never went any further, since Paige and Craig were both dating other people at the time. In February of 2021, the two finally had a chance to meet as they walked into the ski chalet, where they would be spending a few weeks together. As filming for the crossover series came to an end in April of 2021, viewers noticed that Paige made a trip to South Carolina with a few friends. It wasn’t hard to notice Craig and Austen Kroll in the background of a few of her snaps. Around Memorial Day, the couple was said to have officially started dating.

As the summer of 2021 rolled in, the cast of Summer House was able to enjoy the Hamptons and its nightlife. Along with the extra partying were sightings of Craig while the cast was filming its newest season. As viewers now know, Craig from Summer House will be making cameos on the show. Those who follow Summer House officially learned that the couple was dating when they attended Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s wedding in September 2021. As Paige and Craig became more and more comfortable with their relationship, they began talking about one another in interviews that started in October 2021. They compliment each other often, with viewers feeling like they may have met their perfect match.

The Summer House couple also celebrated the holidays together. For Thanksgiving 2021, Paige revealed that she spent the day with the Conover family in Delaware. Then, as Christmas came around, Craig had the chance to hang out with the DeSorbo family. As the new season premiered, Paige shared a photo of her and Craig with the caption “Sew in Love,” making their relationship Instagram official. Viewers are looking forward to seeing how Craig and Paige’s relationship works out as they spend a summer together.

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Summer Houseairs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Source: Paige DeSorbo/Instagram

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