Danielle Olivera is being called out by Summer House fans who think she is partially to blame for seemingly enabling Lindsay Hubbard’s antics. Things came to a head between Lindsay and Ciara Miller due to their mutual feelings for Austen Kroll. Lindsay and Ciara threw themselves at Austin in an attempt to stake a claim over each other. Lindsay filled Danielle in on her intentions with Austen for her birthday. Now, fans think that Danielle is also at fault for amping Lindsay up instead of reeling her back in.

Despite Austen shutting Lindsay down in the Winter House, she invited him to the Hamptons to celebrate her birthday. While in Vermont, Lindsay and Austen admitted to previously hooking up and maintaining a flirty relationship. Alas, when Lindsay admitted to Austen that she was in love with him, he told her that he only loved her like a sister. Meanwhile, he pursued Ciara who ended up falling for Austen. Once the love triangle found its way to New York, Lindsay and Ciara battled it out over Austen. Lindsay had her best friend Danielle to back her up and Ciara had Paige DeSorbo.


Watching how everything played out, viewers are starting to see how Lindsay might’ve antagonized the situation to get reactions out of Austen and Ciara. At one point, Lindsay told Danielle her plot to sleep with Austen just because. While Lindsay ended up hooking up with someone else that night, it came after a huge showdown with Ciara and Paige. Now, fans started a Reddit thread explaining “how awkward Danielle can be.” They accused both Danielle and Lindsay of “trying to act more drunk than” they actually are. “Lindsey will tear down every female if it means getting attention from one of the guys even losers like Austin and Kyle,” they quipped.  One fan agreed and noted how Danielle “just enables Lindsay and like lifts her bad behavior up.”

One Redditor noted how “Danielle is a better friend to Lindsay than Lindsay is to her” at times. Many felt like Danielle came off submissive to Lindsay’s “activated” behavior. Danielle joined Summer House season 2 and has been Lindsay’s loyal sidekick. Longtime viewers noted how Lindsay pursued Carl Radke despite his romantic history with Danielle. Carl and Danielle dated years ago and still had unfinished business when she joined the show. By Summer House season 4, however, Linday and Carl were trying out a romance that didn’t work out at the time but have since embarked on a serious relationship.

When it comes to holding Lindsay accountable, Danielle is often last on the list to call out her best friend. During Lindsay’s fight with Ciara, Danielle was more upset about Ciara hurling profanities at Lindsay than Lindsay was. It’s because of this why some fans feel like Danielle is enabling Lindsay’s bad girl behavior. While the same could be said for Ciara and Paige, Summer House fans are split with their opinions on whos at fault in the Lindsay, Austen, and Ciara love triangle. This drama will likely carry over into the reunion.

Source: Reddit

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