Like her cousin Superman, Supergirl is one of DC Comics’ most powerful heroes, and it’s time for her to join the Justice League. With all of the same abilities and many of the same experiences, Kara Zor-El can go toe-to-toe with Superman in nearly any arena – outside of teamwork. But now that Superman is off-world, there’s never been a better opportunity to change that.

With the original Superman unavailable, the Justice League is currently lacking in Kryptonian firepower. While Clark’s son Jonathan has stepped up to fill his father’s boots as the new Superman, he’s still angry at the League for expelling his father after Clark intervened in world affairs. While Batman is concerned the team is now down a major powerhouse, both Jon and his mother, Lois Lane, have made it clear that he’s not joining anytime soon. Luckily, Earth still has one more Kryptonian watching its back – and Supergirl makes far more sense as a Justice Leaguer than either version of Superman.


This wouldn’t be the first time that Supergirl has joined the team. Kara’s been a Justice Leaguer on more than occasion. Alongside characters like Dick Grayson and Donna Troy, Supergirl was a primary member of the final iteration of the Justice League founded in the pre-Flashpoint continuity. And after the launch of the New 52, she once again found her way to the team as a staple member in the pages of Justice League United by Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone, next to heroes like Hawkman and Martian Manhunter. In each iteration, she’s served as one of the team’s resident powerhouses, but a more extended stint could really give Kara some deeper character growth as more of a team player.

Out of all of DC Comics’ Kryptonian heroes, Supergirl’s inclusion in the League is the most logical. Having absorbed yellow solar energy for decades during her trip to Earth, Kara is one of the strongest beings in the DC Universe and she even surpasses Superman in terms of durability. Not only is she tougher than Clark, but she’s more experienced than his son Jon. Having been a solo superhero for years, Kara is more than used to getting the job done without looking over her shoulder for Clark – a feeling to which the younger Superman is still adapting.

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Unlike Jon, Kara would be among equals as a Leaguer instead of filling the role of a younger hero struggling to live up to their legacy. And although Kara is currently as off-world as her cousin, there’s no reason she can’t make her way back soon. After all, with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow by Tom King and Bilquis Evely rocketing towards its conclusion, fans will soon miss a monthly dose of the Maid of Might, and having Supergirl take her cousin’s place in the League would go a long way towards keeping her die-hard fans happy. Within their own series, the Justice League have been making a concerted effort to welcome in unfamiliar voices, and Kara can offer that perspective while remaining a proven hero.

Supergirl is an iconic hero with decades of history, but so far, her association with the Justice League has barely been a footnote. With one Kryptonian out of commission and the other uninterested, there’s a Superman-shaped hole in the ranks of the DC Comics’ most iconic team, and if anyone is worthy of joining the Justice League, it’s Supergirl.

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