Supernatural has been going strong for twelve seasons now, and it shows no signs of slowing down as it enters season thirteen. The ratings keep going up and the creators never seem to run out of ideas.

The show brings everything from comedy to drama, and it certainly doesn’t shy away from darkness. They’ve had everything jhfrom evil babies to evil clowns, to an actual character called “The Darkness.”

Supernatural’smillions of viewers speculate about theories and behind-the-scenes events constantly. There are countless blogs and message boards dedicated to figuring out secrets about the show.

At this point, many fans think they know everything about their favorite show. They’ve memorized their favorite facts about the characters, castmates, episodes, and monsters. This means that fans aren’t into information being purposefully hidden from them.

While some of the cast have accidentally leaked information to fans– like when Jared Padalecki accidentally letting fans know Cas would be back at a convention– there are some secrets that the creators want to stay hidden. Lucky for viewers, we’ve compiled a list of secrets that not many know about.

Hopefully, these 15 Dark Secrets The Creators Want To Bury will help pass the time until Supernatural is back.

14 Jensen Ackles refuses to acknowledge Destiel questions

It’s already been made clear that Destiel is a controversial subject among the cast, creators, and fans. Actor Jensen Ackles, however, caused a fandom breakdown when discussing– or rather, not discussing– Dean’s potential bisexuality.

At a Supernatural convention in New Jersey, a fan started to ask a question about possible subtext about Dean’s sexuality, and Ackles was not having it. He brushed it off and told the fan not to ruin the convention for everyone.

It was particularly frustrating to fans since Ackles himself has been seen on gag reels insinuating that Dean and Cas are hooking up. His dismissive nature towards the fan caused a controversy among viewers and people took to Tumblr and Twitter to express their outrage, which even got the hashtag #NJCon trending.

The creators are used to these kinds of questions, and while Dean and Cas aren’t actually a couple on the show, they’d rather not alienate Destiel shippers because it’s a big part of their viewership.

13 Mark Pellegrino’s controversial tweets about racism

Mark Pellegrino has been a part of Supernatural since season five. While Lucifer is a popular character on the show, Pellegrino isn’t exactly a favorite among fans.

The actor isn’t afraid to get political or controversial on his Twitter, and as a result, he’s angered a lot of Supernatural viewers to the point that a lot of them are upset he’s still on the show at all.

He tweets about racism towards white people and sexism. People have referred to him as a bigot and a racist. He also angered Muslim fans with some of his remarks about their faith.

After Lucifer returned to the show and Rowena and Crowley were killed off, fans were even more frustrated about his appearance on the show. None of this tension between Pellegrino and fans can be good for Supernatural. The creators would rather it not exist.


12 Minority characters are either portrayed as evil or killed off

It’s easy to see that Supernatural doesn’t have very many people of color in it. All of of those characters seem to die in a tragic way or are completely evil. Fans have complained for years that Supernatural needs to become more inclusive.

Uriel and Raphael were two of the more well-known angels portrayed by people of color. Each of them were evil. Cassie was a black female character in season one that was portrayed as the only girl Dean ever loved.

It’s odd she was never seen on the show again, giving her importance to him. Rufus was a popular character, but he was killed just to further Bobby’s pain. These are just a few examples of the way Supernatural treats minority characters.

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Additionally, for the Supernatural creators, it seems that “people of color” is synonymous with black. Kevin Tran and his mother were Asian, but other than that, all non-white characters were black. The majority of the show’s cast are white, male, straight men. Any conversation about diversity is usually passed over by the cast and the creators.

11 Pushing the idea that Christianity is the best religion

While Supernatural doesn’t shy away from angels and god, it does send a biased message about religion. While it’s made fun of Christianity on multiple occasions, it has also spread the idea that Christianity is the best or most powerful religion.

In the episode “Hammer of the Gods” from season five, the show insinuated that other gods and deities are nothing compared to the Christian god. Lucifer, who is just a fallen angel, was somehow able to overpower gods like Odin and Kali. Dean and Sam even label them as monsters rather than gods.

While it’s interesting to tackle the concept of other gods, the way they did is was certainly controversial. It’s probably one of those episodes the creators wish they had never made.

10 The fall out with Mark Sheppard

Crowley has been a fan-favorite character since his introduction in season five. His charming British accent, witty jokes, and anti-heroic tendencies make him an irreplaceable part of the show.

Sadly, Mark Sheppard will no longer be a part of the show. Crowley was killed in the season twelve finale, which in the Supernatural universe, doesn’t mean much.

However, Sheppard confirmed that he wouldn’t be returning on Twitter, and the tone of the tweet caused fans to speculate about the manner of his departure. He even said he wouldn’t want to come back and visit the set.

Not only is Sheppard done with the show, he’s also done with Creation conventions. Many stars still attend these conventions even after they are off the show, such as Richard Speight Jr. who played Gabriel.

He also had a great final line for Crowley that was cut from the finale. The dismissive manner of his departure and his general tone on social media allude to a falling out with the Supernatural show-runners.

9 The trans-phobic joke

Any show that has been on for a long time is going to have it’s problematic moments. Supernatural is no exception. In episode fifteen of season eleven, a transphobic slur was used on the show and some fans have never forgiven the writers.

In the episode, a demon tells the Winchesters that it’s “every demon for him/her/shimself.” in Hell. John Bring and Andrew Dabb wrote the episode, and some users on Twitter even thanked them for using what they believed to be a proper pronoun. Bring even gave Dabb props for using the line on his Twitter.

The problem is, “shimself” is a slur. Many fans responded negatively to it’s use and then were even more upset at the lack of response from the cast and showrunners. Some viewers gave the writers the benefit of the doubt, hoping it was a well-intentioned line meant to represent inclusivity.

Regardless, there was never really a proper apology from the show, so it’s a mistake that the creators would like to pretend never happened.

8 Queerbaiting with Dean and Cas

Supernatural fans are all-too-familiar with the possible romance between Dean and Castiel. Since the angel’s appearance in season four, there have been blogs dedicated to the romantic tension between the two characters, otherwise known as “Destiel.”

“Queerbaiting” is when the creators of a show tease a queer relationship, but don’t ever actually depict the relationship on screen. The creators of Supernatural are very familiar with the Dean and Cas pairing, but they don’t seem to have any intentions of portraying the relationship on the show.

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The showrunners have encouraged the fan-favorite pairing for years, knowing it’s a big reason a lot of the fans haves stuck with the show. They’ve emphasized the “profound bond” between Dean and Cas, and allude to Dean’s possible bisexuality.

The cast and writers have dodged questions about Destiel for years, or laugh it off as a joke. Fans are getting fed up with the false hope that the show perpetuates about the two characters.

7 The time a WB executive tweeted that Destiel isn’t real

The Supernatural fandom consists of a group of people who nobody wants to anger. One Warner Brother’s executive learned this the hard way.

Chad Kennedy wasn’t aware that Dean Winchester’s sexuality was such a controversial topic among fans. When a fan tweeted him saying he would love a bi character on the show, Kennedy responded by saying, “I support the idea of bi lead chars. But on this specific show, it is not our intention for these chars. Clearer?” He then claimed it wouldn’t serve the story.

A lot of fans responded in anger and felt disrespected and led-on. He deleted his Twitter account after the fan’s backlash, proving it’s something that the creators would rather not have out there for viewers to read, as well as the power of Supernatural fans.

6 The misogynistic tendencies

Supernatural isn’t exactly known for treating female characters well. The show has a history of killing off fan-favorite women and excessively using the word “bitch.”

The death of female characters is something that has been noticed more and more by fans since lovable and geeky Charlie Bradbury was killed off and dumped into a bathtub. More recently, in the season twelve finale, popular witch Rowena was killed off-screen, and viewers barely got a glimpse of her body.

It seems any female character that appears in more than two episodes is killed or set up as a love interest. In Supernatural, it seems women are either a “bitch” who deserves to die or a good girl who dies just to further Sam and Dean’s pain.

Actor Misha Collins has even commented on the shows sexism. At one of his convention panels, he said “there’s stupid things on the show that they shouldn’t do. Like, why do they have to say ‘bitch’ and kill all the women?” Other stars and writers dodge questions about sexism.

Hopefully, the new Wayward Sisters spin-off will help change things.

5 Shirtless scenes included just to please fans

It’s no secret that fans love to look at stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They love it even more when the actors aren’t wearing their shirts, something that creator Eric Kripke noticed.

It is a secret that shirtless scenes are specifically written into episodes just to please the fans. Kripke never planned to have the men show a lot of skin, but the fans are always loud and clear about what they want. He decided to have entire episodes created just so the men showed more skin, such as “Skins” and “Hellhouse.”

Since Misha’s addition to the show, fans have requested to see more of him, too. Remember the laundromat scene where he stripped down to his underwear? Fans on Tumblr certainly do. The GIFs are still circulating around.

4 Misha Collins wasn’t asked to be in the 200th musical episode

Supernatural viewers love Castiel, so it’s no surprise they were disappointed that he wasn’t in the 200th episode. Fans have been pushing for the angel to appear in more episodes for a few seasons now.

Misha Collins revealed that he wanted to be in the episode, and he even emailed asking the writers if he could be a part of such a momentous episode. Supposedly they explained that they were prioritizing quality, so they cast someone else as Castiel. Even though the musical episode was a success, fans will wished Collins could have made an appearance.

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Mark Sheppard was also missing, which was surprising to many viewers because Crowley had become such a large part of the show. Even if the episode was supposed to center on the two original characters, Sam and Dean, fans would have appreciated it if Collins and Sheppard had been asked to be in the episode.

3 The portrayal of date-rape as a joke

While Supernatural has had plenty of funny episodes, there was one attempt at comedy that fans did not appreciate.

The season seven episode “Time for a Wedding” didn’t exactly portray rape, but it sure came close. Fangirl Becky used a love potion to drug Sam into marrying her. There was no way he could give consent under it.

The entire episode was treated like a joke, even when Becky says she’s upset they couldn’t consummate the marriage. The lighthearted tone of date rape was not appreciated by most viewers and the entire episode was incredibly cringe-worthy. 

Not to mention, it puts the audience in the position of Becky, as if saying all fangirls would drug Sam Winchester. It’s considered one of the more controversial episodes of Supernatural. It’s one that was better left unmade.

2 The Westboro Baptist Church has called Misha Collins the anti-christ

While Misha Collins is extremely charitable and is always generous to fans, he’s actually been labeled the antichrist my multiple members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Supposedly, they said they were keeping an eye on Misha because he seemed like a threat and he was accumulating lots of “minions,” which his fans proudly call themselves. On the Westboro Baptist Church Twitter, they said that he isn’t the only antichrist, but one of many.

Collins was asked about it at a convention and said he was flattered. He made plenty of jokes about how they could have found out his evil plans.

Fans had lots of fun poking fun at the rumor, and he went right along with it. However, angering the Westboro Baptist Church isn’t something the creators exactly want to be a part of.

1 Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese’s real life relationship took a big toll on the show

Jared and Genevieve Padalecki’s relationship is worshiped among fans. They fell in love after she snagged the role of the demon Ruby on season four. While watching their relationship unfold was fun, it actually caused some problems for the plot of the show.

Their real-life relationship messed up the plan for their characters. Originally, Sam and Ruby were supposed to get married. However, Padalecki and Cortese had recently announced their engagement and the writers were afraid it would be too cheesy.

The same thing happened again when they announced that they were expecting their first child. The writers wanted the characters to have a baby once Ruby was back in season seven. While it was great for the actors, it wasn’t so great for the creators of Supernatural.

Can you think of any other dark behind-the-scenes secrets about Supernatural? Let us know in the comment section.

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