Though Teen Wolfran for six successful seasons on MTV, not every question viewers had was answered. Most of the time, it’s not possible for a television series to completely satisfy viewers’ curiosity, but Teen Wolf fans certainly hoped for the reappearance of long-gone characters. and conclusions to dismissed story arcs.

There are likely even more questions out there fans wish the show had addressed, but these ten would have made for some satisfying answers.

10 Did Kira Learn To Control Her Power?

When Arden Cho and Teen Wolf parted ways, it left Kira in quite the predicament. With a power boost making it difficult for Kira to control her abilities, she was sent away for help.

Kira ended up with the Skinwalkers ⁠— a group of (seemingly all female) Native Americans who had shapeshifting abilities. They could also literally make the earth move. Kira was left with them ⁠— and never spoken of again. The fans spent two seasons watching her grow, so not even hearing if anyone had been able to talk to her in the final seasons was a bit of a let down.

9 What Was Up With Kira’s Mother’s Age?

Due to the nature of Teen Wolf‘s quick storytelling, there were a lot of things that were never explained, confusing some of the audience. One of those plot points glossed over was the age of Kira’s mother.

At one point in the series, she said she was over 900 years old ⁠— she looked really good for her age. Unfortunately, about 60 years earlier, she looked like Arden Cho. That is to say, Cho played the younger version of her character’s mother as a late teens/early 20s woman during the events of World War II. Why did it take her 850 years to look like a young adult, but only 60 years to then progress to what appears to be a middle-aged human woman?

There’s likely a complicated explanation involving bending light to create the illusion of a specific appearance, but fans will never know.


8 What’s Isaac Up To?

When Isaac was introduced on Teen Wolf, he was an abused teenager who just wanted a little freedom. He joined Derek’s pack, then Scott’s, and dated Allison Argent right before her demise. When Allison’s death rocked the series, Isaac left Beacon Hills with her father to pay a visit to France. Chris Argent returned without him.

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The question begs to be asked ⁠— what’s Isaac up to in France? Unlike Jackson and Ethan, Isaac never made a return to Beacon Hills. Does that mean he was safe in Europe from the same threats the pack faced back home? Or does that mean he met a worse fate offscreen?

7 What Supernatural Beings Were Used For All The Chimeras?

Over the course of the series, fans got to see a lot of different supernatural beings in action. There were a variety of shapeshifters, the kitsune, berserkers, and more. When the Dread Doctors came to Beacon Hills, fans also got to see what happened when two different supernatural creatures had their DNA combined into one.

The result meant that someone like Tracey had Kanima abilities, though she wasn’t fully a Kanima, or that another teen had wings at one point. The trouble is, so many of the abilities the audience saw in action came from creatures we hadn’t yet seen on the show. What were they? Were some of them in Beacon Hills as well, or was this all DNA compiled from the Dread Doctors visiting other places?

6 How Did Derek Choose His Pack?

At the end of the first season, Derek killed the alpha werewolf, his uncle Peter Hale. After stealing his status and power, Derek decided he needed to build a pack to help him stave off the werewolf hunters in town. He chose three teenagers to turn: Isaac, Erica, and Boyd.

At this point in the series, it had been a few years since Derek graduated high school, and he was mostly a loner, spending his time evading the authorities and the hunters. How then did he decide which teenagers to turn? Did he just hang out around town spying on people to see who needed the power of a werewolf the most? He conveniently picked three outsiders who wanted better lives, preying on their insecurities.

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5 Was Sebastian Really The First Werewolf?

The Argent family history revealed that their ancestor battled the legendary Beast of Gevaudan. Said beast seemed to be the first of its kind. 

The man who became the beast did so by drinking from the paw print of a giant wolf. If Sebastian was the first to become a werewolf, what “beast” made that giant paw print? Isn’t it possible that he was just the first known werewolf in that particular region? The show also never made it particularly clear just how drinking from a paw print could trigger a transformation to begin with.

4 Did Other Werewolves Get Caught By The FBI?

When Allison discovered the truth about Scott in Season 1, her mother makes the comment about finding out her father worked for the government. In the final season, the audience saw Stiles in an FBI training seminar with Derek as the subject. Now, Stiles managed to get Derek out of danger, but this does raise an interesting question.

Does the government know about the supernatural creatures running around? More specifically, in the Teen Wolf universe, had the government already got their hands on a werewolf or two? If the idea had been pursued, it would have opened up a whole new storytelling avenue for the series.

3 Why Did Kate Become A Werejaguar?

The rules on how someone becomes a specific shapeshifter were never well defined on Teen Wolf. Malia’s mother was a “desert wolf,” so Malia was a coyote. The Hale family were all werewolves. When Peter or Derek bit people, they became werewolves as well ⁠— except for that one time.

With Jackson, his identity issues transformed him into a Kanima. Once those worked out, he transitioned to a werewolf like everyone else. Kate Argent, on the other hand, had her throat slashed deep enough by Peter Hale to trigger a transformation, but she never became a wolf. She became a werejaguar instead. Was there something special in the Argent family bloodline that caused that transformation? Or was it specific to Kate’s own mental state?

2 How Did Jackson Keep His Tail?

When Jackson first got the bite from Peter, he expected to turn into a werewolf. Instead, he first became a Kanima while he sorted out his identity issues. Once he accepted himself for who he was, his werewolf abilities took over, which would imply those of the Kanima vanished.

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When the audience saw him in Season 6, however, Jackson still had his Kanima tail, complete with paralyzing venom. How would he be able to access that type of power if he was a werewolf? Is it possible Jackson was a natural chimera and it was never addressed in the series?

1 When Did Stiles And Lydia Actually Get Together?

When Teen Wolf began, Lydia Martin didn’t even know Stiles Stilinski existed. He crushed from afar until they became friends in Season 2. Over the course of the series the two became closer and closer. By the time Season 6 rolled around, Stiles was telling Lydia he loved her when the Ghost Riders took him and she was kissing him when he returned. While fans rejoiced, no one ever actually said whether they were together or not.

Were Lydia and Stiles still just friends? Maybe they were seeing where things went while she went to MIT and he interned with the FBI? Or maybe they were soulmates and planning on forever? The show never officially made them a couple.

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