Terminator: Resistance is a first-person shooter that takes place during the post-apocalyptic war after Skynet decided to become “self-aware” and decimate mankind. Players will encounter a slew of cybernetic organisms that each offers new challenges as they play as a lone resistance solider. This guide will explain the best skills to first unlock to gain an edge during combat.

First launched on November 15, 2019, and developed by Teyon, Terminator: Resistance lets players get a taste of what life is like during the aftermath of ‘Judgement Day’ in Los Angeles. Skynet is an advanced military artificial-intelligence network that decided to become “self-aware” on August 29, 1997. It launched nuclear missiles at neighboring countries, sparking a retaliation that nearly wiped out mankind. Entire cities have been reduced to embers and robotic monstrosities stalk the landscape trying to find and eliminate the few survivors that are left. This game takes place during 2028 and 2029 as players take control of a seasoned human resistance soldier named Jacob Rivers. Being led by the legendary John Connor, players will journey through the marred landscape that’s nothing more than a gnarled burnt skeleton of Los Angeles. Skynet is bent on hunting down the last remaining humans and squashing them completely out of existence. The last remaining populous of Los Angeles join together and form a band of soldiers that are dedicated to eliminating Skynet and freeing themselves from its metallic grasp.


Being a first-person shooter, players will travel across the twisted nook and crannies of Los Angeles as they try to find the Skynet Core and destroy it. Players will come across many other NPCs and will form alliances as they blast their way through 9 chapters during the main campaign. Thus, there are about 20 side missions that players can check out and see what they can find. There’s a mix of contemporary weapons alongside futuristic plasma weapons that players can pick up and switch out while on the move. Skynet took the initiative and decided to construct every kind of killer it could to crush the human resistance. The main enemy type will be the classic T-800 endoskeleton that is crawling throughout the dense levels. On top of this, there are drones, flying hunter-killers, sentry droids, and even environmental hazards that players will need to avoid. Throughout the campaign, players can have conversations with other NPCs and make heavy decisions through branching dialogue choices. Depending on the various paths the player takes will unlock the many different endings.

The Best Skills To Unlock First In Terminator: Resistance

Even though Terminator: Resistance has the aesthetic of a rather straight-forward first-person shooter, there are some RPG elements intertwined in it. Players will see that in the menu there are three sub-categories under the ‘Skills’ category. These are; Combat, Science, and Survival. Naturally, the combat category will make the player a more efficient killer with better weapon handling and more powerful explosives. The science category focuses on crafting and hacking while the survival category helps with higher HP and faster XP accumulation. The way that garnering skill points in this game works is that players will need to scour the levels and find ‘skill books.’ After enough skill points are built up, the player can decide on what to upgrade at their discretion. Although every player has their preference, the following is widely considered the best type of skill to unlock when first starting out.

Best Skills To Get First:

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Science Category

  • Lockpicking 1 – This game has a mini-game implemented that players will need to manually manipulate the lockpick to unlock the door. This upgrade will help with doing this more efficiently. Players will find all kinds of locking mechanisms throughout the game and opening both doors and chests can really help out with finding collectibles and alternate paths.
  • Hacking 1 – Having this skill can come in handy since it enables players to hack turrets that will turn against the Terminators that are roaming about. This can be a rather effective tool if players feel like going the stealth route. Thus, it’s also a smart move to make since it can help save ammo.

Survival Category

  • Fast Learner 1 – This will help build up XP at a faster rate and will help with upgrading unlocked skills to another level. Players will gain 10% more experience with each rank. Maxing out this skill will grant a 30% boost in building up XP.

Combat Category

  • Weapons 1 – There are plasma weapons that are ripe for the picking throughout Los Angeles. The problem is that they’re not all equal. There are different generations of plasma weapons to try out and some of them require a higher rank to use. So, unlocking this skill and upgrading its levels will grant the player the ability to pick up more powerful plasma firearms that can really be helpful later in the game.

It also might be a good idea to also upgrade the backpack to increase the storage of resources. However, this upgrade can wait until later on in the game. The backbone of building up Jacob Rivers is making sure he can pick up every weapon in the game and that he can traverse freely throughout the levels. Once this is possible, everything else should fall into place. There’s also an option to increase the ability to stealth, but that’s only suitable for players that like using that tactic. Therefore it’s not truly a necessity, just an option. Things can be pretty hectic deep in the campaign and players should focus on the aforementioned skills to have a good foundation to work with.

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Terminator: Resistance is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows

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