Jennifer Aniston achieved global fame through her portrayal of Rachel Green in the hit sitcom Friends, which aired from 1994 to 2004. Although Rachel will always be her most iconic role, Aniston also carved out a successful career in the film industry, starring in several major projects after the conclusion of Friends.

While Jennifer Aniston is most often cast in comedic roles, her versatility and acting proficiency have allowed her to take on roles that are more serious and challenging. Read on to find out which 10 Jennifer Aniston movies are the best of all time, according to their IMDb rating.

10 He’s Just Not That Into You (6.4)

You might have forgotten that Jennifer Aniston starred in the 2009 flick He’s Just Not That Into You, but it’s not because her acting skills were lacking in any way. The romance film contained such a star-studded ensemble cast that it’s often difficult to remember them all.

Aniston portrayed Beth, a woman who decides to leave her long-term partner because she’s sure he’s not going to marry her. In the end, she realizes that he is good life-partner material, with or without marriage.

The other Jennifer Aniston films with 6.4 ratings on IMDb are Cake, The Good Girl, and Just Go With It.

9 Derailed (6.6)

After her starring role as Rachel Green on Friends, Jennifer Aniston had come to be known as a comedy actress. But she’s shown throughout her career that she has the versatility to take on more serious roles too.

In Derailed, Aniston stars a Lucinda Harris, one of her darkest roles. Lucinda begins an affair with a married man and is then brutally attacked during one of her encounters with him. Wanting to keep the affair secret, she and her lover choose not to report the crime.


8 Dumplin’ (6.6)

In 2018, Aniston starred in Dumplin’, a coming-of-age comedy about the plus-size daughter of a former teenage beauty queen who decides to enter her mom’s pageant. Aniston plays Rosie, the former teenage beauty queen who has trouble connecting with her daughter, Will, who she calls Dumplin’.

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With a rating of 6.6 stars on IMDb, the film received mixed reviews and its stellar soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award.

7 Bruce Almighty (6.7)

As her time on Friends came to an end, Aniston starred in Bruce Almighty, a film about a man who inherits God’s powers and must then work out how to cope with the overwhelming responsibility of the job when it destroys his private life.

Aniston portrays Grace, the longtime partner of protagonist Bruce, played by Jim Carrey. Grace loves Bruce despite his struggles at work and in life, but she eventually leaves him when she sees him kissing another woman.

6 Storks (6.8)

Jennifer Aniston isn’t specifically known as a voice actress, but there have been projects throughout her career where she’s lent her voice to animated characters. In 2016, Aniston appeared in Storks, a film about a stork who accidentally creates and must deliver a baby.

Aniston provides the voice of Sarah Gardner, the mother of protagonist Nate. She is portrayed as a workaholic who does not want another baby due to her commitments to work, but ends up changing her mind when her husband convinces her otherwise.

5 Horrible Bosses (6.9)

Horrible Bosses is one of the few Jennifer Aniston movies where the actress plays a villain. The film, about three men who decide to take revenge on their cruel bosses, is further evidence of Aniston’s skills as an actress.

Aniston stars as Dr. Julia Harris, a sexually aggressive dentist who torments her dental assistant Dale by saying that she’ll cause trouble in his marriage unless he sleeps with her. Under a heavy brown wig, Aniston looks completely different in this film from the other characters she normally plays.

4 We’re The Millers (7.0)

In 2013, Jennifer Aniston took a starring role in We’re the Millers, a comedy about a drug dealer who hires three people to play the roles of his wife and children and help him smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States.

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In the film, Aniston plays the role of Sarah ‘Rose’ O’Reilly, who is a stripper hired by drug dealer David Clark to play the part of his wife. We’re the Millers received mostly positive reviews from critics, earning an IMDb rating of 7.0 stars.

3 Marley & Me (7.1)

It’s not often that a Jennifer Aniston movie has its audience bawling with tears, but Marley & Me is the exception. Although the film has its comedic moments, it’s ultimately an endearing tale about the impact that a dog can have on its family. Very few viewers can get through the final scene without shedding at least one tear.

Aniston plays Jennifer Grogan, the wife of John Grogan, played by Owen Wilson. Together, they adopt a Labrador retriever and name him Marley to see if they really have what it takes to be parents of human children.

2 Office Space (7.7)

In 1998, when Jennifer Aniston was at the height of her Friends fame, she appeared in the comedy film Office Space, about a software engineer called Peter who orchestrates a plan to plant a virus in his company’s computer system.

Aniston portrays the role of Joanna, a restaurant manager who begins dating Peter. Though not a software engineer herself, Joanna shares Peter’s distaste for management. The film received a rating of 7.7 stars on IMDb and earned positive reviews from critics.

1 The Iron Giant (8.0)

The best Jennifer Aniston movie of all time, according to IMDb’s ratings, is The Iron Giant. The 1999 drama film is about a boy who befriends a robot-like ancient alien, but their relationship is threatened when a government agent tries to destroy the alien. The film also stars Vin Diesel as the alien and Harry Connick Jr. as Dean McCoppin.

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Aniston plays Annie Hughes, the mother of Hogarth, who befriends the alien. Annie is the widow fo a military pilot and a waitress in a diner.

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