Bellamy Blake has come a long way from who he was in the pilot of The 100. Originally only on a dropship to Earth to escape being convicted of assassinating the Chancellor, he steals a guard uniform, and goes to be with his sister. Impulsive, but also calculating, Bellamy’s choices at the start of the series are very different from the character he is in the final season.

In fact, he might be one of the most changed characters in the series, though he retains a sense of responsibility for those younger than him. Most of his best lines in the series come from having to make impossible decisions and take care of others.

10 “Whatever The Hell We Want…”

In the first few episodes of the series, Bellamy is decidedly not one of the “good guys.” Instead, he’s all about giving into what he wants, not what everyone needs.

He encourages the 98 teenagers that make it to the ground that they should all do “whatever the hell we want” instead of what the authorities on the Ark want them to do. Playing into their frustration with the system that put them in jail, Bellamy slowly gets the teens to remove their monitoring systems so the Ark can’t track them. It’s selfish, as he’s really out to protect himself, but it shows just how influential he can be right away.

9 “Fears Are Fears. Slay Your Demons When You’re Awake; They Won’t Be There To Get You When You’re Asleep.”

Bellamy tries to give some solid advice younger members of The 100 early in the show. Unfortunately, that advice backfires.

Bellamy becomes a big-brother type for Charlotte, who is going through a rough time. Charlotte takes his advice about “slaying demons” a little too literally. She actually kills Wells Jaha when she’s afraid. Bellamy carries a lot of guilt for that piece of advice, and it’s then that his character starts to slowly shift.


8 “They Think That Because We Came From The Sky, We Don’t Belong Here! But They Have Yet To Realize One Very Important Fact. We Are On The Ground Now. And That Means We Are Grounders!”

The first season sees very different interactions between the Grounders and the people from the Ark. In fact, the two groups essentially go to war.

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It’s Bellamy who inspires The 100 to not give in to fear, to understand that the ground is now their home too. While the conflict is bloody and difficult for a couple of seasons until Skaikru officially becomes part of the Grounder nation, Bellamy’s inspiring speech is needed to keep his people going.

7 “Who We Are And Who We Have To Be To Survive Are Two Very Different Things.”

This line from Bellamy is pretty much the crux of the show. A bunch of teenagers sent to Earth instead of being executed in space didn’t think they’d have to become soldiers or warriors or spies.

The characters drastically change over the course of the series, forced to make horrible choices in order to survive – none more so than Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Raven. These horrible choices might be a part of who they are, but they don’t have to define them.

6 “Together.”

When it comes to horrible choices, this one might be the worst the show has for its characters – though it saves their people. Following their experiences with Mount Weather, Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty try to find a way to stop the inhabitants from experimenting on people and stop anyone from getting hurt.

The only way Clarke and Bellamy can truly stop them is to put an end to Mount Weather completely. It’s not a choice either of them make lightly, and Clarke initially says she’ll pull the lever to open the mountain to external radiation on her own so no one else has to be responsible. Bellamy refuses to let her do it alone.

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5 “What Do You Do When You Realize You Might Not Be The Good Guy?”

The interesting aspect of the characters in The 100 is that everyone seems to be doing things for the good of their people – even the ones the audience sees as the villains. Sometimes, even the good guys make bad choices.

When Bellamy decides to follow Pike and his xenophobic attitude toward the Grounders in the guise of protecting their people, he realizes he’s gone too far. Bellamy assists Pike in wiping out an entire village in season three, and he spends much of his life after trying to make up for that one bad act.

4 “If You Need Forgiveness, I’ll Give It To You. You’re Forgiven.”

Bellamy might have a hard time forgiving himself for bad deeds, but he doesn’t usually have a problem forgiving others. Clarke especially is often reminded by Bellamy of how much good she does for their people, and the cycle of forgiveness starts with this line in season three.

The very fact that these two are able to consistently see the best in one another is what makes them such good leaders for their people. They try their best, understand when they make mistakes, and own up to them, offering one another forgiveness and understanding.

3 “If You’re Wrong And There Is A Hell… Then I Guess I’ll See You There.”

The main characters of The 100 have no illusions about who they are by the fourth season of the show. Other than Raven Reyes, who truly believes that she’s a good person right up until season seven, the rest of the main characters know they been operating in shades of grey.

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Though Bellamy tries to “do better” repeatedly, he understands seeing yourself as a monster, and he understands not being able to forgive yourself for your past.

2 “My Sister, My Responsibility.”

Bellamy’s entire story begins because of his little sister. From the moment she’s born, Bellamy is made responsible for her, helping her hide in the floor of his mother’s room, teaching her himself since she can’t attend school, and keeping her safe.

As Bellamy becomes more of a leader, Octavia also becomes more independent, distancing herself from her big brother as she learns who she is. It’s difficult for Bellamy to let her go.

1 “You’re My Sister, But You’re Not My Responsibility, Not Anymore.”

Bellamy forces himself to let Octavia go in the sixth season. He doesn’t just let her go, however, but abandons her to the woods on Sanctum where it’s not clear if she’ll even be able to survive.

At the time, Bellamy feels like he can’t get through to Octavia anymore, like she’s crossed a line he can’t follow. In reality, Octavia has just been making the same tough choices Bellamy used to try to keep her out of. It marks another shift in his character, but it allows both he and Octavia a chance to grow again.

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