The Boys changed everything fans thought they knew about superhero shows by crafting a story in which the “good guys” … were the bad guys. After just two seasons, it’s already become one of streaming television’s all-time biggest hits, and Amazon Prime Video already has both a third season and a spin-off series in the works.

With the show having such a large audience, its fans have a flurry of opinions about everything from the characters to individual frames. But there are normal opinions, and then there are ones so bizarre to express that those who posted them felt the need to tag them as “unpopular.”

10 The Weekly Release Is Better Than Releasing The Episodes All At Once

While all eight episodes of The Boys season 1 were released concurrently, season 2 adopted a schedule where one episode was released every week. This led to the season getting review-bombed by angered fans, who brought its out-of-five rating on Amazon as low as 2.7 before the controversy wore off.

u/ObieFTG didn’t see the reason for all the fuss in the first place, saying that the staggered release made them “enjoy [the show] more than if [they had] binged it.”

9 Hughie Doesn’t Deserve The Hate

Hughie Campbell definitely isn’t The Boys‘ most-hated character (he isn’t a villain, after all), but the fans do love to rib on him.

u/ecllips doesn’t understand why he gets all the flack just because he’s an “Average Joe”, noting that he “does a great job of humanising the rest of the characters” and that he’s helped out The Boys multiple times.


8 The Characters Should Satirize Marvel Instead Of DC

The Seven are pretty clearly a parody of DC’s Justice League, but u/frankwalsingham thinks the showrunners should take more inspiration from the modern-day king of superhero stories, Marvel.

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Most fans of The Boys don’t care what the show’s riffing on as long as the jokes (and punches) land, but this fan seems to take umbrage with the fact that “a superhero satire [isn’t] satirizing the current dominant superhero franchise.”

7 The Girls Didn’t Get It Done

The scene from The Boys‘ season 2 finale where Starlight, Queen Maeve, and Kimiko team up to fight off Stormfront has been hailed as one of the show’s best action scenes. But u/GreedyBeedy claims that it has a fatal flaw: “the girls didn’t get it done” because “Stormfront just literally walked away.”

That might not be an accurate representation of what happened: Stormfront was able to escape, but she clearly lost the battle — she didn’t just leave because “she was done playing around.”

6 Stormfront’s Racism Isn’t Believable Enough

Stormfront is pretty clearly a Nazi by any other name, but one Reddit user thinks “her racism feels like an imitation” because the writers weren’t “brave enough” to make her use slurs like her comic-book counterpart.

The user behind this opinion likely means well, but Stormfront has already spewed enough racist vitriol that she doesn’t need slurs to make her bigotry believable. Besides, actions speak far louder than words — and Stormfront’s pretty badly off in both categories.

5 Season 2 Is Mostly Just The Boys Making Constant Mistakes

u/repairman1988 notes in their “unpopular opinion” post that the main draw of The Boys was to see the titular team of vigilantes beat up superheroes. Why then, he wonders, didn’t they do anything besides “make constant mistakes that sort of worked out for them in the end”?

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Short answer: dissenting fans think The Boys actually made way more progress with picking at the core of the superhero system than this user realizes, and their “constant mistakes” were small things that would’ve happened to anyone.

4 The Show’s Characters Are Better Than Their Comic Book Versions

The comic-book version of The Boys might not have as big of a fan following as the series adaptation, but what it does have are a lot of purists. Therefore, it’s pretty rare to see someone voice the opinion that the show has better-written characters than the comics.

Still, Reddit user u/Hedwigisbae stands by their belief that the comic’s characters were “flanderized” (their entire personalities were based on one defining trait), while the TV versions have far more substance.

3 The Deep Is The Best Character

u/anonymoustop says The Deep is their favorite character because, despite him having done some terrible things, “he’s a good character.” another fan offers slightly more justification, also mentioning that what he did wasn’t right, but “[he’s] suffered too much” not to feel bad for him.

The problem with this is that The Deep is literally established as a predator from episode 1. He has a sad backstory: mocked and bullied by his colleagues, treated as a “lesser” superhero — but none of those things justify his actions. Short of a legendary redemption arc, there’s little that could make this opinion ever gain popularity.

2 Stormfront Can Help Homelander Grow As A Person

u/theyusedthelamppost believes wholeheartedly that Homelander’s relationship with Stormfront is a step in the right direction for him, because “he’s finally not alone in the world” and “he needs to have experiences like this” to “grow as a person.”

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Some would argue that a neo-Nazi might not be who you’d want helping foster your emotional development. They’re right. Regardless, however, Homelander is a megalomaniac mass-murderer. One person isn’t going to be enough to help him heal his wounds — and those trying to find a path to redemption for him are ignoring the people he’s left permanently scarred.

1 The Boys Themselves Are The Most Boring Part Of The Show

The Boys might not always be as exciting to watch as The Seven, but one Reddit user went full anarchist by insisting the title characters are the most boring part of the entire show.

User u/legendarylemon9 had perhaps the best response, telling the poster that “for being bold enough to put this much of an unpopular opinion on [r/TheBoys], you still get my upvote.”

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