On The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season finale, CT Tamburello and Kaycee Clark won the Challenge Champion title, but fans have their eyes on Devin Walker because they think he could be the next winner. CT was victorious in the last Challenge season, making this his second win in a row. Overall, he has won The Challenge five times, which means that he’s the GOAT. However, after this last win, CT said he wanted to take a break from the game and focus on his family and other projects. This leaves a spot open for a new Challenge Champion

Many contestants have tried to make their mark on The Challenge, but somehow, CT has remained a formidable competitor. From the moment he dragged Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio on his back in an elimination, contestants have been afraid to go against him. Besides his physical strength, CT has significant brainpower. He is a self-proclaimed puzzle master and has proven his skills time and time again. Anyone who watches The Challenge knows that the one equalizer in the game is solving puzzles, but Devin has shown that he has mental agility that rivals CT’s.


The Challenge contestants mainly rely on their physical strength, but this season, Devin managed to get to the final by using his brains. He aligned himself with a strong physical team while he helped them strategically. Unfortunately, it only got him so far. While he was able to get to the final, he lagged behind the other teams due to his lack of endurance. On the last leg of the final, the contestants had to memorize a 20-digit code, which stumped a lot of players, except for Devin. As the last team to make it to the checkpoint, Devin finished strong by reciting the code and opening his team’s safe.

Devin impressed viewers, as well as the host, TJ Lavin, thanks to his ability to memorize such a long string of numbers. Unfortunately, he was unable to beat out physically stronger opponents. Devin relied mostly on his brains to get through eliminations, but this time, he needed physical prowess to win. Devin acknowledged his shortcomings in his tweet, “obviously a rough rewatch but I’m really proud of myself and everyone else in this final. I know it doesn’t always seem like it but I play this game to win so this stings. I’ll never be perfect no one is but I can learn, train, improve n keep grinding. Bc that’s what champions do.”

This season, CT was the one to beat due to his physical and intellectual abilities. Fans of The Challenge see Devin as the underdog that has the potential to win one day, but only if he puts in the effort to work out. The final is physically grueling but there are always mental challenges along the way that stump the fittest athletes. However, with CT gone for the foreseeable future, Devin has the chance to be the next champion. If Devin put the work into getting stronger, he would be unstoppable.

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Source: Devin Walker/Twitter

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