Deethra, better known as Deet, is one of the kindest and gentlest characters from The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance. So it’s hard to imagine her doing anything wrong. But from certain perspectives, one can see how she might have done things better in the one and only season of the magical Netflix series.

Deet is a fascinating character with a strong sense of right and wrong. This makes her a true hero but it gets her into trouble too. Hopefully, the series continues in some form so her journey has some resolution for fans of the show.

10 Worst: She Never Washed Her Hands

Deet is a lovely and personable Gelfling from the Grottan Clan. But she has some interesting habits. One of them is not washing her hands. She lives underground with the rest of her clan and spends all of her time foraging for food, so it makes sense that she gets pretty dirty. But she never really sees the need to scrub up, as she discovers when she goes out into the wider world of Thraa.

In the episode “She Knows All The Secrets,” one of the best episodes of Age Of Resistance, she finds out that hygiene is a quality preferred on the surface of the planet.

9 Best: She Fed Her Nurlocs

One of the reasons Deet gets a little dirty is she spends a lot of time scavenging Glow Moss, a bioluminescent plant that grows in the Endless Forest, to feed to the Nurlocs. The Grottan Clan cultivates this unique plant to feed the large, peaceful worm-like creatures native to the caves of Grot.

Deet’s joy and dedication to feeding the Nurlocs is early evidence of her strong connection to animals and nature, traits that make her ideal in the battle against the evil Skeksis.


8 Worst: She’s Too Kind For Her Own Good

Deet’s eyes open to how different the surface is when she gets to the Stonewood Clan capital, Stone-in-the-Wood. There, her lack of experience and innate kindness prove as liabilities.

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The native Stone Clan reacts with hostility to her simple questions about their culture, as well as to her appearance. She doesn’t understand the social dynamics of the capital, which ultimately leads to a confrontation that gets her and her Podling friend, Hup, captured.

7 Best: She Followed Her Curiosity

Deet values learning and diversity, and her gentle curiosity is one of her best attributes, even if it gets into her trouble sometimes. Her willingness to explore and learn leads her out of the dark caves into the greater mystery of Thraa.

Her journey takes her far from her home in Grot and far from where she started as a person. At the end of the season, Deet is literally and figuratively altered by her experience on the surface.

6 Worst: She Risked Her Life To Save Bobb’N

Deet values her family above all else and would do anything for them. But she arguably makes a mistake in putting the individual needs of her loved ones over the greater survival of Thraa.

Later in the season, Deet flies with Rian from the Circle of the Suns to Domrak Village. There she discovers her younger brother, Bobb’N, under the thrall of Arathim Ascendency. Deet chooses to save him rather than herself and Rian, who are on a mission to save the entire planet and the Gelfling people. It works out, but just barely.

5 Best: She Revealed The Secret Of The Skeksis Plan

Deet’s display of self-sacrifice would likely land her on Neutral Good in the Dungeons and Dragons moral alignment, and so would her experience in the dreamfast.

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Deet communes with other Gelflings in the series and learns the shocking truth of what the Skeksis are doing with the Crystal of Truth. She then reveals this to the others. Deet then travels with Rian, Brea, and others to the Circle of the Suns to learn how to defeat the evil overlords of Thraa.

4 Worst: She Held Back From Rian

Over the course of her journey, Deet becomes closer to the Gelfling Rian. Their romantic tension is definitely a storyline that would need to be resolved in a potential season two. But in season one, Deet is uncertain.

She pulls back from Rian when he tries to comfort her after she accidentally sets off a bomb she’s making for the big battle with the Skeksis. Between her natural reticence about her feelings and the Darkening she has already absorbed, she pushes him away, which only gets worse.

3 Best: She Dropped Bombs On The Skeksis

Deet is utterly fearless in the face of danger. The most powerful Skeksis in The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance find this out the hard way. Deet took to the air with the other Gelfling women, who have wings, unlike the men, to drop bombs from above at the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood.

Deet gets the drop on SkekAyuk, who was the Skeksis’ Gourmand and the counterpart to urAmaj the Cook. He is one of the many connections between the original 1982 The Dark Crystal film and the Netflix series, as he appears in both.

2 Worst: She Walled Herself Off

Deet is an open person, but her experience in the first season leads to her isolation. As she absorbs more of the Darkening infecting the land, she puts up more emotional walls between her, Rian, and the others. She’s afraid to infect them.

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These walls become literal at the end of the season when she retreats into the Endless Forest. She uses The Darkening to create walls between her and Rian and disappears deep into the woods where no one can find her.

1 Best: She Absorbed The Darkening

Despite the horrific consequences to her body and soul, Deet’s greatest act in the series is absorbing The Darkening. In the final battle, SkekSo tried to unleash the Darkening upon the Gelfling in a wave of electrical destruction to kill them all.

Using the power she gained from the Sanctuary Tree, Deet absorbed the entire wave of energy. She was also able to redirect enough of it back at the Skeksis that skekLach, the Collector, was completely destroyed.

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