Of all the characters on Team Avatar in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sokka might be one of the favorites when it comes to the fandom. Sokka is well-loved because he’s hilarious and ridiculous, but he also is smart and has a great heart. In the canon, Sokka has a relationship with Yue and then with Suki, but it’s never really confirmed if he ends up with Suki as an adult.

While fans do get to see a little bit of Sokka in adulthood in Legend of Korra, he doesn’t get that much screen time and not much is known about his personal life. However, here are some of the characters he could have been with.

9 Aang

Aang has a relationship with Katara in the canon, so this relationship definitely wouldn’t happen if that remained the same. However, in another universe where Aang and Katara weren’t together, it’s not hard to imagine Aang and Sokka dating.

This is mostly because they usually get along well and don’t seem to have any major issues based on their personalities that would cause them to fight. But, they also don’t seem to have that kind of chemistry.

8 Ty Lee

Sokka overall is someone who easily falls for people when he’s young. This might change as he gets older, but he definitely enjoys meeting pretty girls as a teenager. While Ty Lee isn’t on Sokka’s side for most of the story, she ends up joining the Kyoshi Warriors.

While Ty Lee might not seem like the best match for Sokka, she does enjoy laughing at jokes, but she might not have enough of a serious side for him.


7 Mai

Mai is another character that starts out as an enemy to Team Avatar but becomes an ally. While she is with Zuko in the canon, she could have ended up with someone else if the story had been written differently. Mai is mostly serious and quiet, and so she might not get along perfectly with Sokka given this fact.

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However, they are close to the same age and it seems like Mai relaxes somewhat once she doesn’t have to put up with Azula anymore.

6 Jet

Jet is another character that is romantically linked to Katara, but if that didn’t happen, he could have had a similar storyline with Sokka. Jet seems like an interesting, charismatic person at first, but he’s revealed to take things too far when he’s willing to kill innocent people.

Sokka also wouldn’t really respect this as a person, but he would be more likely to forgive Jet if they had been romantically linked where Katara holds onto grudges longer.

5 Azula

This pairing might be one of the least expected on this list because, for the most part, these two just don’t have a ton in common. For one thing, Azula is one of the most chaotic and sometimes evil characters from the series, and she’s one of the main antagonists for Team Avatar.

However, as some fans like ships that center around enemies, Azula and Sokka could fall into this category although their relationship likely wouldn’t have lasted long.

4 Haru

Haru is yet another character who is shown as a possible romantic interest for Katara even though this relationship never really goes anymore. He’s more of a minor character who isn’t in that many episodes, but he is an ally to the Gang and an overall good person.

Haru is definitely more serious than Sokka, and in this way, they could complement each other rather well with Sokka being more outgoing and funny.

3 Toph

Toph and Sokka are a fairly popular ship in the fandom. For one thing, Toph clearly has a crush on Sokka when they are younger, and these two always get along well as friends.

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There’s also the fact that Sokka and Toph’s relationships in adulthood are rather mysterious and not really explored in canon, so this leaves open the possibility that they could have had some sort of romantic or physical relationship at one point.

2 Zuko

Other than Toph, Zuko is the character in the fandom that Sokka is shipped with the most. Many people feel these two would make a great match, and this definitely seems to be the case in the Boiling Rock episodes. They get along well, and they have contrasting personalities that aren’t too different.

Sokka provides lightness and humor to their friendship while Zuko is more serious. It’s pretty easy to imagine how they could have been more than friends.

1 Yue

Sokka does have a romantic relationship with Yue, but it sadly doesn’t last very long because of Yue’s rather tragic fate of becoming the moon spirit.

If this hadn’t happened, however, it seems likely that Sokka would have ended up with Yue. He seemed to have strong feelings for her right away which she also returned, and they would have made an extremely powerful couple.

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