Disney movies are well known for their characters that are as inspirational as they are lovable, as iconic as they are relatable. In recent years, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) test has become a common way for people – on the internet especially – to learn more about themselves and their personalities. In particular, people love to learn more about why they find themselves aligning with certain characters over others when they learn which personality type these characters have and whether they share them or not.

As we’ve already said, Disney characters are some of the most relatable in all of fiction. And the Toy Story characters are some of the most relatable of them all. Here we take a look at the MBTI® type for some of the franchise’s major players.

10 Jessie: ENFP

Typically, ENFPs are known as Advocates or Campaigners. These are incredibly social people, with lively personalities and a real cult of personality about them. They are defined not only by their social behavior but their innate compassion, which makes them tried and true friends to anyone lucky enough to have them in their lives. They are driven by curiosity and charm in equal measure.

Jessie is clearly a perfect fit for this sort of personality. Even though she has a backstory featuring considerable emotion hardship, she remains a truly vibrant social being, loyal to every new friend she makes. Jessie is always willing to go above and beyond for her friends, whether in terms of understanding their feelings, or defending them when they need it most.

9 Andy Davis: INFP

Traditional INFPs are usually thought of as Dreamers or Mediators. These types of people are driven by idealism and dreams, which often presents itself in hidden creative passions. They are known to spend their time in worlds of their own creation, whether through art or other means. They’re incredibly passionate about what and who they love, and are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve their lofty goals.

Toy Story wouldn’t be possible without the character of Andy Davis – and, at least for the first two films and most of the third, he’s clearly a perfect INFP. The world of Toy Story only exists because of Andy’s penchant for dreaming and creative curiosity. His compassion for not only his toys, but also his family further highlights his kindhearted INFP nature.


8 Mr. Potato Head: ESTJ

ESTJs are usually thought of as Executives or Overseers. Typically defined by their commandeering personality, ESTJs are driven, extremely honest, and almost relentless in the pursuit of their goals. They also think of themselves as natural born leaders and tend to like things just so – even if their desires and personal beliefs don’t always align with the general opinion of them.

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Mr. Potato Head is far and away one of the most unflinchingly honest characters in all of Toy Story canon – often to his own detriment. While he may not be the most skilled leader in the group, he clearly possesses the driven and often commandeering qualities of your average ESTJ, which makes him a perfect fit for the Overseer or Executive type.

7 Lotso Huggin Bear: ENTJ

While ESTJs like to think they’re true natural leaders, ENTJs are the real natural born leaders in the world of the MBTI typing. For that reason, ENTJs are usually known as Chiefs or Commanders. ENTJs are naturally gifted with the perfect skills of leadership – charm, intellect, commanding personalities, charisma, and clarity of vision and communication. People are naturally drawn to them because of their auras, and communities (and cults) often form around them.

No character in all of Toy Story fits this personality type better than the villainous Lotso Huggin Bear of Toy Story 3. As the maniacal leader of the toy group at Sunnyside Daycare, Lotso is a true political genius and villain all at once. He wields his skills of sharp wit and tongue both in equal measure, perfectly embodying the needs required for fitting the ENTJ type.

6 Slinky Dog: ISTJ

ISTJs represent the true voices of reason and logic within society. For that reason, ISTJs are traditionally known as either Logicians or Examiners. With a keen sense of right and wrong, an astute analytical mind, and a determination to always do the right thing, ISTJs are some of the most valuable members of society. They’re incredibly honest and loyal, and make for true allies in all important situations.

Slinky Dog has long shown himself to be one of the most reliable characters in the world of Toy Story, and his opinion has clearly been highly valued. The esteem placed on his personal opinions, therefore, clearly align him with the typing of an ISTJ. From his gruff-voiced witticisms to his frank and direct manner of speaking, Slinky Dog represents a real voice of reason in Toy Story – and the toys’ resident ISTJ, as a result.

5 Rex: ESFP

ESFPs are one of the most entertaining personality types of them all – and it’s for that reason that they are simply regarded as Entertainers. ESFPs are spur of the moment people, driven by the need to entertain not only others but also themselves. They have larger than life personalities, but they’re also one of the first people who are willing to offer support of any kind. Incredibly in touch with their emotions, ESFPs make for wonderful friends, as well as incredibly entertaining ones.

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Though definitely a more anxious one, the lovably neurotic dinosaur Rex is clearly a member of the ESFP grouping. His personality is one of the largest in the bunch, and he’s always up for playing games or – as shorts like Partysaurus Rex have shown us – throwing a party or two. He’s almost hyper social despite his paranoias, and he’s also a tried and true friend, making him a perfect candidate for the ESFP type.

4 Hamm: ENFP

As we’ve already explored, ENFPs are traditionally known as Campaigners or Advocates. These types of people are driven by their need to be social, to speak their minds, and to form real, lasting, compassionate friendships with everyone within their circle. They’re known for their curious nature, as well as their ability to offer spot-on observations and commentary about run of the mill daily life.

While Jessie and Hamm may not seem like they have much in common, upon first glance, it’s clear that Hamm is also a member of the ENFP grouping, despite the initial shock. Hamm is clearly one of the Toy Story franchise’s most observant characters, as he’s always ready with a playful or snarky remark. He’s also incredibly curious, almost always despite his best interest. But at the end of the day, he’s lovable, loyal, and a true, trustworthy friend – as all ENFPs are.

3 Buzz Lightyear: ESTP

ESTPs are usually thought of as Entrepreneurs, Persuaders, or Adventurers. These industrious people are almost always found at the center of attention, and they never shy away from any potential adventure that presents itself. While not the most intellectually gifted of all the personality types, ESTPs make up for that lack in other ways. They’re bolder than most other personalities, driven by the need to act and act fast. Their frank manner makes them a perfect social animal – though, occasionally, they can seem rude.

Toy Story‘s resident space adventurer, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, is clearly a textbook ESTP. From the moment he sets foot in the world of Andy’s room, Buzz attracts curiosity and followers alike. But beyond his social appeal, Buzz is mostly driven by his need to pursue the adventures in life – even when he would be safer not doing so, such as when he attempts to fly only to plummet to the floor below. Buzz is a perfect example of the brash ESTP type.

2 Bo Peep: ISFJ

ISFJs are usually considered to be the Defenders or Caregivers of personality types. ISFJs are some of the best people to have in your corner, as they’re all but defined by their altruistic nature and their need to do good at all times. Fiercely protective of what they love, and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their safety, ISFJs are one of the most reliably supportive personality types. Their sensitive nature can both come in handy and serve as a detriment.

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Bo Peep, Woody’s staunchest defender from day one, is clearly Toy Story‘s resident ISFJ. As a literal shepherdess, Bo Peep is always tending to and caring for her flock, clearly embodying the Caregiver side of an ISFJ persona from the very beginning. She’s incredibly in tune with not only her own emotions but also the emotions of those around her. And even based on what we’ve seen of the revamped Bo Peep in Toy Story 4 so far, her status as a defender of toys hasn’t changed one bit. Bo Peep is as ISFJ as they come.

1 Woody: ESFJ

ESFJs are usually thought of as either Supporters or Consuls. Known for their innate need to ensure the happiness and security of others, as well as their innate ability to do just that, ESFJs make wonderful community leaders, even if they may not appear to be the natural choice like some other personality types. They are driven by their need to do the right thing at all times, and also manage interpersonal relationships with considerable ease.

As the ostensible protagonist of the Toy Story franchise, Woody Pride’s personality is one that is surprisingly difficult to pin down. Though occasionally introspective, Woody is clearly driven by the need to support others and ensure the status quo and happiness and security in much the same way that typical ESFJs are. He’s a real leader, even if not a naturally gifted one, and he does whatever he can to connect with everyone within his community.

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