Jim and Dwight have had a very strange working relationship over the nine years of The Office. Jim is known for pranking his coworker to no end, but Dwight reciprocates just as much, as he’s known to give it back as good as he gets it.

However, with just over 200 episodes, the two best salesmen of Dunder Mifflin have been known to put their heads together and join forces on several occasions. From acing sales calls together to trying to get a mutual enemy fired, Jim and Dwight make a great, evil team.

10 Their Sales Calls (“Traveling Salesmen”)

When Michael decides to randomly pair up all the sales agents in the office in “Traveling Salesmen,” Jim and Dwight are paired together, but they surprisingly don’t seem all that angry about it (which is what was expected). What’s interesting is that their sales call partnership actually dates back years, and there’s a brilliant photo of the two in their Dunder Mifflin infancy. When on their sales calls, they unsurprisingly ace every single one of them, and they even bond together too.

9 Trying To Steal A Copier (“Branch Wars”)

In “Branch Wars,” the dynamic duo becomes a terrible trio, as Michael Scott encourages the two salesmen to help him steal a copier from the Utica branch as revenge for poaching Stanley. They dress up as warehouse workers and don fake mustaches, where they hope they would go undetected. Ultimately, the plan fails miserably, and Jim is caught by his ex-girlfriend and current Utica branch manager, Karen Filippelli, as he tries to hide in the front seat.


8 Putting Together Kelly’s Birthday Party (“Lecture Circuit: Part 1”)

One of the most ridiculous expenditures in a company that is struggling financially is the Party Planning Committee, but it’s one of the most important committees at Dunder Mifflin. To try and put an end to the civil war in the committee, Michael puts Jim and Dwight in charge of Kelly’s party.

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Since Kelly was a bit high maintenance, they clearly had to put together something epic. But what she got instead was a completely neutral party with half-blown-up grey and brown balloons stuck to the wall, with masking tape and a sign that literally read, “It is your birthday.” It’s one of the most underrated scenes in the show, as fans see Jim and Dwight bicker over color schemes and themes.

7 Trying To Keep Prestige Direct (“Turf War”)

In what is essentially a rat race to reach Prestige Direct,  Jim and Dwight team up against an angry salesman from the Syracuse branch to try and get them as they wanted to make them a client of Scranton. When driving to Prestige Direct, Dwight hilariously yells at Jim to “hit the Nos,” clearly after having watched way too many Fast & Furious movies. It’s a close race, as they literally run to the office of the Prestige Direct CEO.

6 Not Talking For As Long As Possible (“Trivia”)

This one was a group effort, as it wasn’t just Dwight, Jim, and Michael, but the whole office were trying not to speak for as long as possible. No noise was allowed, not even the rustling of papers, as Creed shushed Meredith for doing exactly that.

Jim was using a notepad and pen to communicate, and Dwight even hung up on a customer who was trying to call in. But eventually, it was another failed experiment, as the 15-minute silence came to an end when Kevin said, “oh, yeah” after tucking into a candy bar.

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5 Forming An Alliance (“The Alliance”)

After rumors about Dunder Mifflin’s downsizing were swirling through the office, Jim and Dwight agreed to form an alliance to get to the bottom of what was going on. Although agreeing to form an alliance was essentially because Jim wanted to make fun of Dwight, the end of the episode sees Dwight protect Jim, as Roy went to attack him. If that isn’t a breakthrough in their working releationship then nothing is, and it’s arguably the start of their impending friendship.

4 The Sting Operation (“The Sting”)

This is the second time when Michael gets involved, as they set up a sting operation to find out a competing sales agent’s tactics. Just like the copier heist, the operation goes terribly wrong and they get caught out.

However, the casting department deserves a lot of credit for this episode as they cast Timothy Olyphant as the competing salesman. Although there have been many guest stars, Olyphant often goes overlooked for his comedy timing here.

3 Firing Todd Packer (“Todd Packer”)

It can’t be a coincidence that most characters named Todd tend to be the worst, but Todd Packer might just be the most insulting, vulgar, and sexist of the bunch. Jim and Dwight work together to get him fired, and though this would be expected of Dwight, it just goes to show how hated Todd is for Jim to get involved.

The two hilariously call him up, put on southern accents, and tell him that he’s been promoted to corporate. Packer then does exactly that, as he packs his bags and sets out to Tallahassee.

2 Jim Becoming Dwight’s Assistant To The Regional Manager (“A.A.R.M.”)

This comes close to the very end of the series, as Dwight finally becomes manager for good, and he is then tasked with hiring an assistant to the regional manager, just as he was to Michael.

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He looks no further than Jim, who immediately accepts the proposition, and together they hilariously run a “no-nonsense” office, going as far to even have a chalkboard to count the number of days the office has gone without any nonsense. As this comes at a point in the series when Dwight and Jim have genuinely become best buds, though Jim uses the assistant to the regional manager role to get up to his old pranks, he is clearly enjoying working with Dwight so closely.

1 Their Work On The Volleyball Team (“Company Picnic”)

As this was way before they had become best friends, the office picnic was one of the rare early sightings that saw the pair work together. As both are fairly competitive and are on the same team against corporate (specifically, Charles Miner, who they both despise,) they become a well-oiled volleyball playing machine.

Dwight even delays the game for him and Pam until they arrive back from an impromptu visit to the hospital. There is even a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sighting of them high-fiving mid-game.

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