Oscar Martinez was one of the smartest employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. In fact, he would have made a fantastic regional manager because of the serious role he played at work. However, Oscar spent his time on The Office as one of the accountants and enjoyed his time away from the drama.

And while Oscar is mature, level-headed, and brilliant, he has a level of sadness to him that’s not fleshed out in the series. There’s a lot of Oscar that’s not discussed in the show that fans wanted to see. From the way he’s treated at work to being comfortable in his own skin, Oscar had as many upsetting moments as he did endearing.

10 Michael Outted Him Before He Was Ready

One of the most upsetting moments in The Office, and subsequently Oscar’s life, was when Michael outted him as a gay man to the office. That was a significant moment that Oscar wasn’t ready to share openly at work. Oscar is a private man and he wanted that part of his life private as well. Sadly, Toby had no choice but to tell Michael that Oscar was gay after Michael used offensive slur words that resonated with Oscar. Instead of keeping his mouth shut, Michael told the entire office, encouraged Oscar to speak up, and kissed him without consent to prove he loved Oscar. It was awful.

9 The Man He Loved Was In Love With Someone Else

When the show started, it was shown that Oscar was in a relationship with his boyfriend, Gil. When they broke up, viewers didn’t see Oscar with many other romantic interests. That is until Robert Lipton (aka the Senator) came into the picture. Although Robert was married to Angela, Oscar couldn’t help how he felt. He fell in love with the Senator.

Instead of riding off into the sunset together, the Senator told the world that he didn’t love his wife or Oscar; he was in love with someone he worked with. While Oscar was technically “the other guy,” it was still upsetting to see him heartbroken.


8 He Couldn’t Have An Off Day Without Being Stalked

Every worker deserves to have sick days and mental health days. At Dunder Mifflin, their jobs weren’t necessarily stressful but the instability of the branches — and their high-strung boss — made things tense.

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In one episode, Oscar took a Friday off to spend with Gil but told Michael he was sick. Dwight became bothered by the coincidence of falling ill on a Friday and promised Michael he’d get to the bottom of it While it was humorous for viewers, knowing Dwight was waiting outside of Oscar’s home, waiting to catch him skipping work was upsetting.

7 His Crush On Matt Didn’t Lead To Anything

In the sixth season, the warehouse gained a new employee named Matt. Oscar lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw Matt and instantly had a crush on him. Once Pam and Darryl realized how much Oscar liked Matt, they stepped in to introduce the two.

Sadly, the more Oscar got to know Matt, the more he realized that they were not a love match waiting to happen. It was sad to see Oscar get his dream crushed. It was evident that he was lonely and ready to date again.

6 Oscar Hid His True Identity

Oscar’s sexuality was hidden at the start of the show. It was obvious that he was concerned about people making a big deal out of his sexuality and he wasn’t ready to disclose that information. To keep people from catching on, Oscar was defensive when it came to dating. In “The Fire,” Oscar even said that he would choose Pam in a game of “Who Would You Do?”.

5 His Friendship With His Employees Wasn’t On The Same Level As The Others

As outrageous as the Scranton branch was, they were a family at the end of the day. Dwight and Jim are a great example of two men who couldn’t stand each other but were there for each other when they needed it. Likewise, Pam found Michael annoying in every way but hated seeing him upset and would do everything she could to help him.

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But Oscar didn’t have a partner at work to lean on. The closest person he had in the office was Angela, and that’s solely because of accounting. After years of working at Dunder Mifflin, he left without the same friendships that the others had.

4 Jim And The Finer Things Club

The Finer Things Club was one of the only things that gave Oscar life while at work. It was a time to break away from his work, talk about literature, and drink tea from fine china. It was a small moment of peace and civility.

The club consisted of Pam, Oscar, and Toby. The three of them had a good thing going and closed the group to outside members. But when Pam let Jim join, Oscar lost interest in the club he once loved. Jim didn’t take the group seriously and barely read the book that was the topic of conversation. As always, someone at work ruined something that Oscar was passionate about.

3 Angela Hired A Hitman Against Him

When Angela found out that he friend and coworker was sleeping with her husband, she did the first thing that popped in her head: hired a hitman. Angela hired Dwight’s friend Trevor to deliver a sandwich to Oscar during which he would simultaneously knock Oscar’s knee out. Once Dwight learned what Angela and Trevor were up to, he stopped the whole thing. Oscar eventually found out that Angela basically wanted him killed and it shook him to his core.

2 He’s Been Mocked For Being Smart

As hilarious as The Office is, there are plenty of workplace moments that would never fly in the real world. For starters, Oscar is one of the smartest workers in the office. He takes his job seriously and always happens to know what’s going on when corporate switches things up. Unfortunately, most of his coworkers hate how elitist Oscar can be, so they mocked him for his brilliance. Jim told the cameras that he’s also known as “Actually” because he’s constantly interjecting and saying “Actually…” before diving into the argument. It’s unfortunate because Oscar isn’t trying to be rude; he’s simply stating what he knows.

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1 Oscar Took The Hit For Gil

Fans were bothered by Oscar and Gil’s comments on Pam’s artwork at the art show. However, it’s not Oscar who’s making fun of Pam’s work — it was Gil. Unfortunately for Oscar, he’s the one who took the hit. Oscar was actually sweet in regards to Pam’s work and said it was “her first try.” It was Gil who called her work “motel art” and that it lacked “courage.”

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