As the first K-drama set in space, The Silent Sea cast unsurprisingly boasts a stellar crew of veteran actors. Based on Choi Hang-yong’s 2014 short film The Sea of Tranquility, The Silent Sea puts Hang-yong in the director’s chair for a limited 8-episode sci-fi Netflix series. In the series, a crew of astronauts head to the moon for a mysterious sample that could help solve the world’s problems. The Silent Sea cast also features some faces that might already be familiar to those who follow Netflix’s popular K-dramas.

After desertification causes a global food and water crisis, scientists struggle to find a solution to humanity’s impending doom. However, a solution could lie in a mysterious biological sample that’s located in Balhae Station on the moon, which The Silent Sea’s main cast is tasked with retrieving for the scientists on Earth. However, while the crew is already expecting a certain amount of risk, they end up getting much more than what they bargained for as they run into Balhae research station’s classified secrets.


The Silent Sea pits South Korea’s K-drama machine against the challenges of fleshing out an intense sci-fi mystery thriller in space. In a year that has been absolutely huge for contemporary sci-fi cinema, The Silent Sea succeeds at bringing something fresh and compelling for Netflix viewers. And none of it would be possible without The Silent Sea’s cast of onscreen superstars.

Bae Doo-na as Dr. Song Ji-an

Dr. Song Ji-an is an astrobiologist who’s assigned with the task of uncovering what really happened at the abandoned Balhae research station on the moon. Actor Bae Doo-na might be familiar to fans of the series Sense8. Additionally, she has also appeared in the movies Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending.

Gong Yoo as Han Yun-jae

Faced with the challenge of keeping everyone alive despite knowing very little about the quickly changing situation, military veteran Han Yung-jae leads the crucial mission on the Balhae research station. Apart from being Squid Game’s recruiter, Gong Yoo is also famous for being the star of both Goblin and Coffee Prince – two of the most successful romantic K-dramas of all time. His other credits include the hit zombie movie Train to Busan.

Lee Joon as Lieutenant Ryu Tae-suk

As a former member of the Ministry of National Defense, Lieutenant Ryu Tae-suk didn’t have to join the mission. But a life of boring deskwork prompts Tae-suk to lend his expertise to The Silent Sea’s crew as its head engineer. Former second-gen Korean boy band member, DJ, and actor Lee Joon also appears in My Father Is Strange, Rough Play, and Gapdong.

The Silent Sea: Supporting Cast Members

Kim Sun-young as Dr. Hong Ga-young: Just like Star Trek and Another Life’s spacefaring crews, The Silent Sea’s team also needs a medical officer, a role that’s played by Dr. Hong Ga-young. Veteran actor Kim Sun-young also appears in several popular dramas, including Because This Is My First Life, Romance Is A Bonus Book, and Crash Landing On You.

Lee Moo-saeng as Chief Gong Soo-hyuk: The chief of security Gong Soo-hyuk shares team leader Yun-jae’s concerns about keeping the crew safe amid classified dangers on the moon. Actor Lee Moo-saeng is also known for his roles in Chocolate, Melting Me Softly, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, and One Spring Night.

Kim Shi-ah as Luna 073: The mysterious human clone that the crew finds at the Balhae Station is called Luna 073. Similar to Firefly’s River Tam, Luna is the mission’s unpredictable wildcard. Despite being the youngest in the crew of The Silent Sea, actor Kim Shi-ah is famous for appearing in main roles in movies like The Closet, The House of Us, and Miss Baek.

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