While some episodes of The Simpsons are focused on the entire family and others use social commentary to tell stories as opposed to character, the majority of the show’s installments focus on one member of the Simpson family, from “Homer’s Enemy” to “Bart on the Road.” One of The Simpsons’ most unique characters is the politically active middle child, Lisa Simpson.

As an outspoken activist who always fights for what’s right, Lisa has done as much good for the world as any real person. She’s also been at the center of some of The Simpsons’ funniest and most poignant episodes.

10 I Love Lisa (Season 4, Episode 15)

When Ralph doesn’t get any cards on Valentine’s Day, Lisa feels bad for him and gives him one in season 4’s “I Love Lisa.” However, the Wiggum child quickly becomes enamored with her.

He invites her to a Krusty the Clown taping and she accepts because she’s a fan, but worries she’s leading him on. She ends up rejecting Ralph very publicly on live TV.

9 My Sister, My Sitter (Season 8, Episode 17)

In a desperate bid to prove she’s responsible, Lisa takes on the challenge of babysitting her older brother and baby sister in season 8’s “My Sister, My Sitter,” but Bart makes the experience a living hell.

This episode has been used in discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of allowing children to babysit themselves.


8 Lisa The Vegetarian (Season 7, Episode 5)

After visiting a petting zoo, Lisa can’t look at the lamb chops on her dinner plate the same way. She decides to become a vegetarian right around the time that Homer invites the whole town over for a barbecue. Infuriated by the rampant meat-eating at the cookout, Lisa rolls Homer’s hog roast down a hill and into a dam.

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Eventually, Lisa is driven so crazy by meat consumption that she runs away to the Kwik-E-Mart, where Apu and the McCartneys inspire her not to judge other people’s choices.

7 She Of Little Faith (Season 13, Episode 6)

After Bart and Milhouse accidentally fire a rocket at the church, Reverend Lovejoy has no choice but to let Mr. Burns commercialize his services with corporate sponsors and paid promotions.

Naturally, Lisa becomes disillusioned with Christianity when commercialism takes over, so she seeks out another religion. Inspired by Lenny, Carl, and Richard Gere, Lisa decides to convert to Buddhism — a decision that has stuck for the rest of the series.

6 Lisa’s Wedding (Season 6, Episode 19)

There are several flash-forward episodes of The Simpsons that present possible futures for the characters, but the most iconic is still the first one, season 6’s “Lisa’s Wedding,” in which Lisa falls in love with a British guy at college and brings him to Springfield to get married.

The episode is filled with hilarious gags like Mayor Quimby’s future career as a taxi driver, but it also has plenty of emotional scenes, like Homer’s monologue to Lisa right before her wedding.

5 Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington (Season 3, Episode 2)

Lisa’s patriotic essay wins a contest that allows her to speak in front of Congress in season 3’s “Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington.” However, she becomes disillusioned with the government when she catches a politician taking a bribe.

So, she rewrites her essay and presents Congress with a scathing indictment of its corruption. The speech is initially controversial, but her exposé gets the bribe-taking congressman removed from office and thrown in jail.

4 Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy (Season 5, Episode 14)

When Malibu Stacy is given a voice box, Lisa is shocked to discover just how sexist her favorite doll company is. Stacy says things like, “I wish they taught shopping in school,” “Let’s bake some cookies for the boys,” and “Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl.”

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So, Lisa decides to track down the reclusive creator of Malibu Stacy and convinces her to fund production of a feminist doll called Lisa Lionheart, which initially catches on before it’s overshadowed by Malibu Stacy’s new hat.

3 Lisa The Beauty Queen (Season 4, Episode 4)

Lisa is heartbroken when a caricaturist draws an ugly picture of her, so Homer reluctantly sells his Duff Blimp ticket to enter his daughter in a beauty pageant in a somewhat misguided bid to fix her self-esteem.

Lisa doesn’t win the pageant but becomes the technical winner when the real winner is struck by lightning. True to her character, Lisa uses her position to make a difference.

2 Summer Of 4 Ft. 2 (Season 7, Episode 25)

After realizing her academic endeavors have prevented her from making any friends at school, Lisa decides to reinvent herself in time for her summer vacation in season 7’s “Summer of 4 Ft. 2.”

She ends up making a bunch of new friends on vacation, which makes Bart so jealous that he breaks down her new persona and reveals the nerd hiding underneath out of spite.

1 Lisa’s Rival (Season 6, Episode 2)

In season 6’s “Lisa’s Rival,” Lisa’s lead as the smartest, most musically gifted kid at Springfield Elementary is challenged when another genius joins the students’ ranks.

The episode has a hilarious Homer-centric B-plot, too, as the Simpson patriarch steals a pile of sugar, dumps it in the trunk of his car, and plans to sell it door-to-door.

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