When Pokémon introduced evolving Legendaries and one evolving Mythical in Generation VII, the franchise changed fans’ perception of Pocket Monsters in these classifications. Like many other pre-evolutions, these are usually fairly weak, but they evolve into powerful beings. These fully evolved Pokémon are all capable in the main series games, but certain Pokes are more viable than others.

Meltan, the only Mythical Pokémon that can evolve, does not qualify as being from Alola. While the anime series introduced Meltan and Melmetal in the Alola region, they entered the video game franchise in Pokémon GO and have never been available in SunMoonUltra Sun, or Ultra Moon. Even without Melmetal, some of the fully evolved Legendary and Mythical Pokémon from Alola are among the strongest in the games.

11 Silvally

This Legendary Pokémon is a pure Normal-type, but by holding specific Memories, Silvally can become any type. If trainers know the matchups they will soon face, they can prepare ahead and give themselves an advantage.

Aside from this, though, Silvally falls short of many Legendaries and Mythicals. Its stat spread is exactly even and reasonably high, which gives it consistency, but it does not allow it to excel in any one area. It is not bad by any means, but the presence of better Pokémon leaves Silvally unimpressive by comparison.

10 Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu, the guardian deity of Ula’ula Island, is a strong Grass/Fairy Legendary, though it is sometimes considered a Grass Pokémon who should belong to a different type. It has a great Attack stat but only a decent Special Attack stat, limiting it to mostly being a Physical attacker.

Tapu Bulu can learn several powerful Physical moves from leveling up, and its Ability Grassy Surge creates Grassy Terrain, which boosts attacks of this type. It also restores HP at the end of each turn, but this can also benefit opponents. Its Special Defense is not as high as it could be and paired with its unimpressive HP, this can be a vulnerability, especially since it has five type weaknesses.


9 Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini focuses on good defensive stats, with its highest value in Special Defense and its second-highest in Defense. Unfortunately, its offensive stats are much less impressive, at least by Legendary standards. Its Special Attack is decent but its Attack is mediocre.

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Tapu Fini’s specialty is wearing opponents down over time, but while its defensive stats are high, its underwhelming HP brings its bulk down a bit. Its only decent Speed also means that many opponents move before it in battle, but it can usually survive a few hits.

8 Tapu Lele

With an above-average Speed stat, the Psychic/Fairy-type Legendary Tapu Lele can move faster than many opponents and capitalize on that with its excellent Special Attack. While its Special Defense is high, its Defense is mediocre, so striking quickly and with great force is the best way for Tapu Lele to win.

Through its Ability Psychic Surge, Psychic moves gain power, which further contributes to Tapu Lele’s strength. Its Attack stat is relatively low, though, so if it faces an opponent that can withstand Special attacks, it may not have any better options.

7 Tapu Koko

Excellent Speed and a high Attack stat make Tapu Koko an effective glass cannon. Its Special Attack is much lower, but it is still passable. Tapu Koko’s Ability Electric Surge powers up its Electric moves, and with a powerful attack like Wild Charge, this Legendary can sweep through teams, as long as they do not resist Physical attacks.

Tapu Koko’s bulk is poor, but it is only weak to Poison and Ground, so it is usually not dealt super-effective damage. If need be, it can use Special attacks, but these cannot knock enemies out as consistently.

6 Magearna

Though Magearna’s first anime appearance was connected to X & Y, it first appeared in the games in the Alola region. The Mythical Pokémon has some of the best lore in the franchise, and it is also quite capable in battle. The Steel/Fairy-type has a great Special Attack stat and its bulk is enough to help it last a while in battle.

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This bulk helps because it is not incredibly fast. Its signature Ability Soul-Heart powers up its Special Attack whenever another Pokémon faints. This can be especially useful in double battles, but it is still helpful in battles against trainers with multiple Pokémon.

5 Marshadow

With the unique dual-type combination of Fighting/Ghost and a high Attack stat, Marshadow can do a great deal of damage using Physical moves of both types. Only a few of Marshadow’s available moves via leveling up are strong, but its Ability Technician boosts the power of weaker moves, making them some of Marshadow’s strongest.

Marshadow’s Special Attack is not abysmal, but it is not high enough to be a reliable secondary option if opponents heavily resist its Physical attacks. It also cannot learn Special moves by leveling up, relying on other methods to obtain them. Its HP and defensive stats are decent, but with its great Speed, its goal is to unleash a devastating blow and knock opponents out before they can retaliate.

4 Zeraora

Having pure Electric typing can be both helpful and detrimental. The Mythical Pokémon Zeraora is only weak to Ground, but it also only resists two types: Flying and Steel. Offensively, it is only super-effective against Flying and Water. Despite these limitations, Zeraora can be a terrifying combatant. It is exceptionally fast, and both its Attack and Special Attack are reasonable.

It also can access stellar moves like Wild Charge and its signature move, Plasma Fists. Because these attacks are so powerful, Zeraora can often knock opponents out easily. If it cannot do this, though, it can be in trouble because of its underwhelming HP, Defense, and Special Defense.

3 Necrozma

Necrozma can undergo a transformation called Ultra Burst, which changes it into Ultra Necrozma. This Pokémon is the strongest Legendary from the Alola games, but to achieve this, Necrozma must first combine with Solgaleo or Lunala. Through evaluating Necrozma’s power on its own, it is still one of the strongest Psychic-type Pokémon in the series, though not as strong as any of its variations.

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Its Special Attack is great, and its Attack is reasonable. Necrozma is not incredibly fast, but its bulk is decent. Also, its signature Ability Prism Armor reduces damage taken by super-effective attacks, so it can often stay in battles for a while.

2 Lunala

As one of the best dual-type Ghost Pokémon, Lunala is also one of the strongest Legendaries introduced in Alola. It has a fantastic Special Attack, and by leveling up, it can learn many great Special moves. Its Attack stat is also high, but the only Physical attack it can learn via level-up is Phantom Force. Its HP is impressive, and its defensive stats are adequate.

As a Psychic/Ghost-type, Lunala only has two type weaknesses: Ghost and Dark. However, it has an extreme vulnerability to both of these types. Lunala’s signature Ability Shadow Shield reduces damage taken when Lunala is at full health, but its weakness to these types can cause problems. In other situations, though, Lunala is exceptional.

1 Solgaleo

The Psychic/Steel Legendary Solgaleo has the same stat spread as Lunala, although the Physical and Special stats are switched. As such, Solgaleo excels as a Physical attacker. Like Lunala, it has few available moves that are not in its preferred attacking category, but it does have access to two Special attacks through leveling up: Flash Cannon and Solar Beam.

While Solgaleo’s dual-typing gives it four type weaknesses, none of these are extreme vulnerabilities. It also resists half the types in the franchise.

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