One of the most popular action movies in the last decade, John Wick was a sleeper hit that both revitalized Keanu Reeve’s acting career and the action genre as a whole. The plot was simple; an infamous hitman takes revenge against a former client for ruining his life of retired bliss. With extensive world-building, stunning fight choreography, and a stylized aesthetic, John Wick proved that the genre could be elevated.

John Wick Chapter 2 placed John Wick as the target, as the events of the first film put him directly in the crosshairs of the mysterious assassin’s community he once belonged to. Boasting even more thrilling fight sequences than the first, it was another instant hit. With the third installment in the trilogy arriving this year, here are gifts for the John Wick fan in your life!


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New from Diamond Select Toys comes this stunning 9-inch figure depicting John Wick doing what he does best; dogmatically pursuing those who have done him wrong. No one can outrun the famous Boogey Man who’s come out of retirement to chase down the mobsters who stole his car and killed his puppy.

Designed by Caesar and sculpted by Rocco Tartamella, this durable plastic replica captures all of the intensity conveyed by Keanu Reeves in the films, with painstaking attention to detail from casting to painting. Get it from Gamestop in time to enjoy John Wick 3!


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Some movies are known for their cars, and some are specifically known for their Ford Mustangs. Gone in 60 Seconds has its 1967 Shelby GT500, and John Wick has its 1969 Boss 429. His beloved classic is vandalized by gangsters and he stops at nothing to get it back.

Greenlight specializes in highly detailed die-cast replica cars from film and television. This officially licensed car from the film is newly tooled with special attention to detail in regards to everything from casting to painting. Its body is 6 inches long and 3 inches tall, and is perfect for any film car aficionado.



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The suit. The gun. The beard. John Wick’s iconic aesthetic has now been commemorated in a Funko Pop! figurine.  Though the John Wick films have come to redefine the action movie genre with their stylized action sequences and stunning choreography, at their center they have that most classic of elements; a man of few words who excels at headshots.

This Funko Pop! stands 3 ¾ inches tall, and is perfect for your office desk or nightstand. 24 hours a day, seven days a week John Wick will be standing guard, never faltering, always vigilant.


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Diamond Select Toys has done it again by capturing one of action cinema’s most iconic lone gunmen, expert hitman John Wick, in vinyl form as part of its Vinimate collectible figurines. John Wick stands 4 inches tall, and is clad in his suit from the first film, an ash grey color with black undershirt and matching black tie. His ensemble wouldn’t be complete without his most necessary accessory, his pistol.

John Wick (and his finely tailored suit) are protected by a special acid-free plastic Pop Protector, which has a push-lock tab that allows for easy assembly and structural integrity.


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One of the defining components of any successful action movie is its musical accompaniment. One of the most standout elements from John Wick was its techno-infused soundtrack, an infectious blend of synthesizers, electronica, drum, and bass that amplified all the fast-paced action to a visceral experience.

Tyler Bates, Joel J. Richard, Le Castle Vania, Kaleida, and others come together to bring you a high-energy collection of songs that are perfect for getting through heavy traffic or through your latest work out session. Note it does not include Marilyn Manson’s “Killing Strangers.”

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John Wick only wanted to retire from being a hitman and lead a quiet life with his wife. She died soon after he retired, but left him a parting gift to remind him of her love; an adorable puppy. When gangsters associated with an old client kill it, John Wick mounts an epic revenge mission.

Revenge has forced him to break a few rules, and the sequel finds him at odds with the assassin’s guild that formerly matched him with clients. The greatest hitman has become the greatest target! Catch all the action in this Blu-Ray set of John Wick Chapters 1 and 2, starring Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe, and Ian McShane.


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How did John Wick become associated with the mysterious guild of assassins that seem to be behind every contracted hit in the criminal underworld? In the highly anticipated John Wick Vol. 1, fans of John Wick’s vendettas can discover for themselves the origins behind the guild and how a young hitman came to join them.

Learn what made John Wick the best at his trade, the hierarchy of the assassin’s community, the Three Bills, and the identity of the mysterious Calamity. And perhaps most important of all; was there ever a time when John Wick wasn’t seeking revenge?


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Perfect for the action movie obsessed and lover of all things associated with John Wick, this novelty mug from Ombura features the phrase “Single, Taken, Busy Watching John Wick” beside a series of checkboxes. “Busy Watching John Wick” is certainly a viable relationship status as far as we’re concerned.

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Enjoy hot and cold drinks in this 11-ounce mug, which is dishwasher safe, and perfect for conveying to everyone around you just what’s important. Sip your favorite beverage from it while watching the latest trailer for John Wick 3 and feel perfectly complete.


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Relive the suspense with this regal statue from John Wick 2, where he travels to Europe to fulfill a contractual hit on one of the highest ranking members of the assassin’s guild he once worked for. The Countess reclines in her luxurious bathhouse, complete with lanterns and candles before John Wick surreptitiously emerges from the shadows and ends her life.

This impressive 9-inch tall figurine from Diamond Select Toys is made from high-quality PVC and doesn’t miss a single detail, from the movie-accurate facial features and tailored suit of Keanu Reeves as John Wick, to the lush environmental decor around him.

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