The return of Maggie in The Walking Dead has renewed interest in the character who had been absent for close to two years. Maggie’s story has also diverged from the source material, as she was around for the Whisperers arc in the source material but only showed up afterward in the series.

There are also several details about Maggie that were different in the comics, such as her relationship with Glenn and her other romantic exploits. Overall, Maggie may feel like a different character to fans who have only checked out the TV series version, so it’s worth knowing more about her comic book history to get a sense of what the original character is supposed to be like.

10 She Became The Leader Of The Commonwealth

In the final issue of the series, it was revealed that the Commonwealth had expanded greatly to the point where there were plans to merge faraway branches of the community. It was also shown that Maggie had been elected as the community’s leader.

By this point, the population of the Commonwealth was estimated to be around 100,000, meaning Maggie had truly come into a position of power and authority. This was the final role the series presented for her, leaving Maggie as the unquestioned leader of the largest community in the series.

9 Her Next Romance After Glenn Was Dante

Maggie took a long time to get over the killing of Glenn at the hands of Negan, with Dante being the first man to form a connection with her. The two had an unspoken attraction for a number of issues but finally addressed it after Maggie confronted Negan.

She decided to let Negan go after realizing he was better off living since he wanted to die, following which Maggie got the closure she wanted and kissed Dante. This began a relationship between the two that was never shown to have broken up, although Dante didn’t appear in the final issue.


8 She Was Sophia’s Adoptive Mother

The TV series decided upon killing Sophia off, whereas she remained alive all the way until the end in the comics. The role of her mother was taken by Maggie, who sympathized with Sophia for losing her mother Carol and later adopted her.

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The TV series hinted at Eden taking up a similar role but the long departure of Maggie meant this was left unadapted. In the comics, Sophia ultimately started referring to Maggie as her mother and Hershel as her brother.

7 She Was A Teacher At Alexandria

The TV series didn’t define Maggie’s role in the community after she arrived at Alexandria, with Maggie shown as the governing assistant to Deanna Monroe but never actually doing anything that fit the job description.

In the comics, Maggie had decided to put her skills to use and become a teacher for the community. This involved rounding up the children in her attempt to bring back normalcy to civilization by teaching the kids the things they would have learned had it not been for the apocalypse.

6 She Became Severely Depressed

Maggie is far more balanced in the TV series as compared to the comics, with Glenn also changed from his role in maintaining her stability. In the source material, Maggie was devastated after the deaths of her family members and became extremely depressed.

This was heartbreaking to the point where she attempted to take her own life in Issue #56. Maggie’s mental health looked like it was continuing to decline as she grew distant from Glenn. However, she started to improve once she received news of her pregnancy.

5 She Was Ultimately A Bad Mother To Hershel

In the final issue of the series, it was shown that Maggie had made all the wrong decisions where her son Hershel was concerned. He ended up becoming an entitled and spoiled young man who appreciated none of the hardships of the previous generation while seeing himself as the natural successor to Maggie despite having no skills.

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In the end, Sophia was the one who had to make Maggie realize that she had failed as a mother, seeing as the entire community considered Hershel to be a joke and agreed that Maggie had failed to raise him as she should have.

4 She Retained Her Original Name In The Comics

 Maggie didn’t seemingly change her name immediately after marrying Glenn in the TV series, but eventually started referring to herself as Maggie Rhee, while in the comics she specifically retained the Greene name even after marriage.

As revealed in Issue #122’s Letter Hacks by Robert Kirkman, Maggie chose to keep her name due to everyone in her family dying, as she was reluctant to let the Greene name die with them. For this reason, Maggie continued using her maiden name.

3 She Was A Teenager When The Apocalypse Began

The age of Maggie was implied to be around 22 in the TV series, with the eleven-year time skip placing her at 33 in the eleventh season. Comic book fans are aware that Maggie started out younger at 19 in the source material and lived much longer.

The final issue took a twenty-five-year skip in the chronology, by which point Maggie had turned 48-years-old, as the main story had followed four years of her life before jumping to the end.

2 Glenn And Maggie Disagreed About Having Children

In the comics, soon after Glenn and Maggie had gotten married, the latter had started hoping for a child. However, Glenn and Maggie’s father Hershel weren’t in favor of the idea due to the brutal reality they were in and discouraged her.

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Maggie didn’t pursue the topic much since it was around the same time the prison collapsed and Hershel ended up dying. However, the pregnancy is what ultimately saved her relationship with Glenn as the surprise news led to the strengthening of their marriage.

1 She Is Among the Longest-Surviving Characters In The Comics

Maggie was introduced in Issue #10 of The Walking Dead, with the series lasting until Issue #193. Her debut was in August 2004 and she remained active until July 2019, which is when the series reached its conclusion.

At the time of the ending, Maggie was the second-longest surviving female character, with only Sophia eclipsing her in this regard. This effectively makes her one of the apex survivors of the apocalypse as she not only lived to see the future but was the person in the most powerful position as the leader.

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