Actress April Bowlby had been cast to play the role of Rita Farr (a.k.a. Elasti-Woman) for a single episode of the upcoming DC Universe series Titans. It has now been confirmed that she will be continuing the role in the Doom Patrol spin-off series.

While shooting on Titans has wrapped and the series is scheduled to premiere when the DC Universe service launches later this year, there was some question as to whether the actors who played the various members of the Doom Patrol on Titans would continue on into the new series. This question arose following reports that Kelsey Grammar was being courted for the role of Doom Patrol leader Dr. Niles Caulder, despite the role being played by Bruno Bichir on Titans. At the time of this writing, it’s believed all four of the core classic Doom Patrol characters are being played by the actors originating the role on Titans. There is still no word, however, on casting for the role of Crazy Jane – a character from the later Doom Patrol comics, whose 64 multiple personalities each have a unique superpower.


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April Bowlby’s involvement with the Doom Patrol series, at least, has been confirmed by Deadline. Their report also confirms something of the set-up for the spin-off and how it will involve the team being contacted by the hero Cyborg, who will give them “a mission hard to refuse, but with a warning that is hard to ignore: their lives will never, ever be the same.”

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First appearing in My Greatest Adventure #80 in June 1963, the Doom Patrol were originally promoted as “The World’s Strangest Heroes,” being a team made up entirely of super-powered misfits who had all gained their powers through tragic accidents. Rita Farr was the sole female member of the team’s original line-up – an Olympic swimming gold medalist turned actress, who gained the power to grow or shrink after being exposed to strange gases while shooting a film. While not disfigured by her accident, Rita had no control over her powers and the accidents she caused with her unexpected shifts in size ruined her film career before she decided to try and use her powers to fight crime as a superhero.

Originally Rita went by the code-name Elasti-Girl, but this has apparently been changed to Elasti-Woman for both Titansand Doom Patrol. It is unclear if this was due to a desire to promote a more modern sensibility or to avoid confusion with the Elastigirl character from The Incredibles. In either case, it seems certain that DC Universe will have a monster hit on its hands, particularly with legendary writer Geoff Johns producing the series.

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Source: Deadline

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