Tony Stark is still alive in a fake script page from Thor: Love and Thunder. The billionaire businessman, also known as Iron Man, famously sacrificed himself in Avengers: Endgame to save the universe from the villainous Thanos. Thor: Love and Thunder occurs after the events in Avengers: Endgame, hence fans excitement when director Taika Waititi posted a script page from the upcoming Thor film where Tony is very much alive.

There are far more rumors than confirmed facts surrounding plot details in Thor: Love and Thunder. (One confirmed detail is that Christian Bale will be playing the villain, according to Tessa Thompson.) The fourth Thor film was one of the countless movies delayed to the coronavirus crisis, now set to premiere in 2022. However, it is a fact that Tony Stark died when he snapped his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet in Endgame. Stark’s heroism was the hail Mary pass that ultimately defeated Thanos’s troops and dusted the Mad Titan himself into oblivion. As a result, Iron Man died, and the Avengers mourned his death and honored his final act.


Fans were obviously thrilled when Taika Waititi showed a script page during an Instagram live stream, presumably from Thor: Love and Thunder, that involved Thor’s utter bewilderment and joy at seeing Tony again. Tony explains that everyone who died is coming back, including Thanos himself. While the entire page is a bit blurry, it’s hard not to hear Robert Downey Jr. deliver the line about, “The Avengerers” with the perfect blend of snark and sass. While the page is obviously fake, it’s still fun to imagine the possibilities. Check out the script below:

Many directors and writers have been interacting with fans on social media outlets, keeping people entertained while they’re stuck at home in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. Taika Waititi’s rendering of the joyful reunion between Tony and Thor would absolutely be fantastic to watch, although it will more than likely never happen in Thor: Love and Thunder. Tony’s death was arguably one of the most impactful moments of the entire first three phases of the MCU. Resurrecting him would undermine his heroic sacrifice. However, the thought of another Tony/Thor scene is an entertaining idea. Perhaps they can bring Tony back via a dream sequence and actually utilize this scene.

Thor: Love and Thunder’s official release date was delayed due to the coronavirus crisis. Despite the disappointing delay, perhaps the extra time will allow for an epic new Thor film that will be worth the two-year wait. The entertainment industry has reached a standstill during the pandemic, but the MCU has multiple exciting films in the works for fans to look forward to when movie theaters reopen. While Tony coming back is highly unlikely, his reunion with Thor in the script page was the small dose of happiness that fans worldwide deserve.

Source: Taika Waititi via Instagram

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