Life is really all about change. Trying new things, taking on different challenges, and changing outlooks all add spice to day to day goings on, keeping things feeling fresh and interesting simply by being out of the ordinary. Proof positive of this is, surprisingly, the recently released Trials ofMana by Square Enix. Despite being one of a pair of remakes released by the company this year, Trials of Mana manages to find the novel in the old, touching up old school nostalgia with a fresh 3D look. By adding modern mechanics and flavors to a classic, Square Enix has invoked the spirit of change in the game – a spirit which, luckily, the player is able to engage with down to the basic builds of the playable characters.


By the late game, players will have spent a good deal of time specializing characters down specific class pathways – no small feat considering the relatively beefy length of the game. It is, however, possible to roll back that specialization, offering up brand new ways to play and unique strategies accessible only in re-specialization. This guide will explain how to reset character classes in Trials of Mana, highlighting the necessary components and steps for rebuilding party members, essentially, from the ground up.

Finding and Using the Goddess Scales in Trials of Mana

The key items required for resetting classes are the Goddess Scales. The item becomes available after defeating Zable Fahr, appearing first in the final dungeon of the selected main character. For Duran or Angela, the scale can be found in an alcove northwest of the goddess statue in the Crystal Desert. Kevin and Charlotte players can find the scale in Mirage Palace II, in a chest in the southwestern room of the dungeon. Finally, the first Goddess Scale available to Hawkeye and Riesz headed parties is found in Dark Palace III, in a chest to the southwest of the goddess statue. An additional five Goddess Scales can be found in chests around Anise’s Stockade after fully completing the main story.

Having collected the item, return to the Mana Sanctuary. Head to the special statue in the center and interact, selecting the “Reset Class” option. A number of things will happen once the options has been selected: all spent training points are reset and made available for reassignment, any shortcut commands will be removed, and all gear will be unequipped, accessible depending upon options selected when rebuilding the character. It is advisable to have a solid plan in mind for the class being built – there are only six Goddess scales in the game in the fixed locations noted above, so the change is fairly permanent.

Even arriving quite late in the game, the reset options provide interesting new ways to approach the game. Restructuring a character allows new dynamics in battle, some interesting new gear layouts, and a distinctly new feel that can alter the flow of combat. Using this reset in tandem with the hidden abilities scattered around the game will allow a more full experience of the possibilities in a game. A fresh start, after all, is always a welcome addition.

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Trials of Mana is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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