The Twilight Saga provides a little bit of everything with a love triangle, supernatural creatures, battles, teenage angst, and more. The love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob was certainly one of the main draws in the series. Life would be very different if Bella had decided to remain with both Edward and Jacob instead of choosing Edward.

What would her life look like then? Would she have married Edward? Would Renesmee exist? Audiences will never know, but it’s fun to imagine the what-ifs. However, maybe choosing between them was still the best choice, not just for Edward and Jacob, but especially for Bella.

10 Both: She’d Have Had The Best Of Both Worlds

Bella and Jacob are best friends, and they had a rapport completely different from Bella and Edward. Their friendship was less intense and more easygoing; Bella could laugh and relax around Jacob, and certainly didn’t have to worry if she got a paper cut in front of him. Edward was more intense, but he was romantic.

Plus, he loves her deeply. Bella can dance with Edward in the morning and walk on the beach with Jacob in the afternoon. Both men are very different, but Bella could have the best of both worlds had she remained with both.

9 Right To Choose: Tense Relations Between The Vampires And Werewolves

Vampires and werewolves don’t mix, but the Cullens had a treaty with the Quileutes. Still, that treaty was tentative with certain key points, including the fact that the Cullens were never to bite a human. When Bella was transformed and Renesmee was born, that certainly posed a big rift between the two parties.

Had Bella gone back and forth between Jacob and Edward on a more permanent basis, it could’ve built up over time and made things tenser between the werewolves and vampires, and Bella may have been forced to choose anyway because of it.


8 Both: She Never Would’ve Broken Jacob’s Heart

Bella was ridden with guilt over having to break Jacob’s heart when she chose Edward. Edward was her first love and the one that she knew she was supposed to be with. However, it didn’t make the heartbreak any easier; audiences certainly felt for Jacob when he had tears in his eyes at the end of New Moon and disappeared into the forest.

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The guilt of breaking Jacob’s heart would’ve been taken off of Bella had she remained with both, but she probably would’ve had to deal with the guilt of splitting her time between them, never really being completely there with either man. One problem at a time.

7 Right To Choose: Jacob Imprinted On Renesmee

Had Bella never made a choice between Edward and Jacob, it would’ve been incredibly weird and gross, considering Jacob ultimately imprinted on Renesmee. However, if Bella had been with both men, perhaps Renesmee wouldn’t have existed.

Still, just in case, it’s better that she chose Edward; otherwise, it would just be one awkward and tense family dynamic.

6 Both: Bella Would’ve Had A Safer Pregnancy And The Option Of Having More Children

If Bella had remained with both Edward and Jacob, she probably would’ve had children with Jacob, considering it was far safer than children with Edward. Edward certainly would’ve preferred it that way, though Bella probably would’ve protested. Jacob would’ve insisted too; perhaps he and Edward would have convinced Bella over time.

In any case, had Bella had Jacob’s children, she would’ve survived the pregnancy with her humanity intact, and she could’ve had more than one child if she’d wanted to.

5 Right To Choose: She Needed To Do What Was Right For Her

Bella knew how she felt about Edward practically since day one. She knew her feelings for him ran deeply, and that she would love him forever. When it’s true love, it’s true love. She loved Jacob too, but she knew it wasn’t in the same way, and that he wasn’t the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

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Bella had to do what was right for her; had she made decisions because Charlie wanted her to move on, or because Jacob urged her to pick him instead, she wouldn’t have been 100 percent happy, and she would’ve suffered for it.

4 Both: Edward Would’ve Been Okay With It

Edward isn’t Jacob’s biggest fan, but he loves Bella so much that he would sacrifice himself, including his own happiness, to ensure that she was taken care of. Edward certainly would’ve preferred it if Bella had had children with Jacob instead, as she wouldn’t have had such a deadly pregnancy and delivery.

Jacob would’ve taken advantage of the arrangement, probably taking more of Bella’s time than Edward. Yet, had that been the case, Edward likely wouldn’t have put up much of a fight, only wanting Bella to be happy.

3 Right To Choose: She Would’ve Felt Guilty All The Time

Bella would constantly have to divide her time between Edward and Jacob. It’s impossible to divide time perfectly, so either way, she would’ve been with one man more than the other. It probably wouldn’t feel like a real relationship to her considering she would probably be thinking about Edward while with Jacob and vice versa.

She would harbor guilt for not being able to be in two places at once or to be totally present in her relationships with them. That guilt can take a toll, so she was right to choose.

2 Both: She Could’ve Grown Older

Bella stopped aging forever when she became a vampire in the series, and that has a lot of consequences with it. It meant that she would lose everyone she cared about sooner or later, as they would grow older and pass on, and she wouldn’t. It also meant that she would have to hide, like the Cullens, if the sun ever came out or if anyone questioned why she looked younger than she should.

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Had she stayed with both Edward and Jacob, it’s more likely she would have remained human, at least for a little while longer, to enjoy human things and the people around her. Plus, she wouldn’t have had to worry about drinking their blood.

1 Right To Choose: It Wouldn’t Be Fair To String Both Men Along

Bella had to choose because she knew what she was doing to Jacob was wrong. She gave him hope that they could be something more, and though she loved him, she didn’t love him like she did Edward. While that broke Jacob’s heart, it also gave him the freedom he needed to move on and find love elsewhere.

It’s ironic and somewhat creepy that he ended up imprinting on Bella’s daughter anyway. Plus, it solidified her relationship with Edward, who was ready to sacrifice anything for Bella, but that’s not really fair if he’s doing all the giving in their relationship.

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