The evil counterparts of the Twin Peaks characters are some of the most unsettling residents of the Black Lodge. After the show’s hero, Agent Dale Cooper, rushed there to save his girlfriend Annie in the season 2 finale, he got trapped inside for 25 years. It was his doppelganger who walked out of the lodge in his stead, a soulless killer on a quest to find Judy.

Mr. C became the show’s most important antagonist in the 2017 revival. He manufactured Dougie Jones and a tulpa of Diane, killed a whole bunch of other minor antagonists, and went to great lengths to obtain certain coordinates. As is typical of Lynch’s work, some cryptic details about him went unnoticed.

10 His Appearance Was Partially Inspired By Anton Chigurh From No Country For Old Men

In order to make Cooper’s evil twin look more menacing, Kylie MacLachlan suggested to David Lynch that he wears black lenses. The actor compared Mr. C’s hair and overall aesthetic to Javier Bardem’s character from No Country for Old Men, Anton Chigurh.

Both villains are so sure-footed they almost seem divine. And while Anton Chigurh is not actually other-worldly, Mr. C literally does belong to another realm.

9 Kyle MacLachlan Didn’t Try To Impersonate Frank Silva’s Character

Those who watched the show will probably forever be haunted by scenes of Frank Silva’s character BOB perched by the foot of the bed or climbing over the couch. Even though he was in many of the show’s most terrifying scenes, Kyle MacLachlan chose not to mimic BOB apart from the iconic Episode 29 bathroom scene.

To reduce Mr. C as BOB’s new host would be an oversimplification – he might be the host, but that doesn’t mean that BOB is doing the driving.


8 Mr. C’s Prison Card Was Filled Out Wrong

In “Part 4” of the return, Cooper’s doppelganger is taken to South Dakota Federal Penitentiary after the police found cocaine, a machine gun, and a dog leg in his car. His fingerprint card is filled out wrong in the most curious ways. His hair color is clearly black as midnight on a moonless night, but it’s listed as brown and gray.

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It also lacks Cooper’s middle name, Bartholomew, and doesn’t use official codes. Rather than “BRO”, the abbreviation for ‘brown’ reads “BR(N)”. As for his height, it’s jotted down as “600” rather than 6″0.

7 He Shares His Birthday With William Hastings

According to the files, seen in prison, EvilCoop was born on August 15, 1973 in South Dakota, just like William Hastings, Ruth Davenport’s lover who explored the possibility of other dimensions as his hobby. He got caught in the crossfire between Mr. C and Major Briggs.

It’s odd that nobody noticed that it’s highly unlikely Mr. C was born in the ’70s. If that were the case, the FBI agent, investigating Laura Palmer’s death would be just sixteen years old. The real Dale Cooper was born on April 19, 1954.

6 He Controlled BOB And Not The Other Way Around

While Leland was a hopeless host to BOB ever since he was a child and only got worse the more he fought the evil force within him, Mr. C embraced BOB as his silent companion. The only time the maniacal BOB clearly took over Mr. C was right in the beginning.

Mr. C did whatever he wanted and it just so happened that BOB probably had very similar interests as well. It was Mr. C who was in control of BOB and not the other way around. When he looked himself in the mirror and saw BOB in the reflection, he noted: “You’re still with me. Good.”

5 The Doppelganger Is Cooper’s Shadow-Self

Hawk explained to Cooper exactly what a doppelganger is when describing the so-called “dweller on the threshold”: “There is also a legend of a place called the Black Lodge. The shadow self of the White Lodge. Legend says that every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection. There, you will meet your own shadow self. My people call it The Dweller on the Threshold.”

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Mr. C, therefore, is a manifestation of Cooper’s shadow self. To think of him as a separate being from the beloved FBI agent would be misconstrued. He has resided in Cooper all along, it’s just that Dale the goody-two-shoes refused to acknowledge him.

4 His Official Name Is Not Mr. C, But Cooper’s Double

Mr. C has many names. In the script, he was referred to as Cooper’s Double, a name that didn’t catch on among the fans.

He’s not the only doppelganger in the series: in the Black Lodge, Dale Cooper also met doppelgangers of Laura Palmer, Leland Palmer, the arm, Annie Blackburn, Maddy Ferguson, and Caroline Earle.

3 Mr. C Raped Audrey In Her Sleep

Audrey was mesmerized by Agent Cooper, but he was too noble to make any advances at her. After all, she was just a teenage girl. The attraction was there, though.

So Mr. C, a personification of Cooper’s id unleashed, did what Cooper wanted to do while Audrey was most probably still in a coma.

2 Mr. C’s Snakeskin Shirt Might Be A Nod To Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is one of Lynch’s best movies as well as one of the easiest to digest. It’s not as nightmarish as Fire Walk With Me and much easier to follow than Mulholland Drive. It stars Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage as Lula Pace Fortune and Sailor Ripley. He wore a snakeskin shirt, similar to the one Mr. C is wearing in Twin Peaks: The Return. 

The Wild at Heart character made a point to describe the clothing article as “a symbol of individuality and belief in personal freedom”. The very same could be said of Mr. C. He is a version of Dale Cooper, free of the notions about how things should be – somebody who no longer acts as a gallant knight in shining armor.

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1 Some Fans Think He Is The True Hero

Because of its elusive nature, Twin Peaks lends itself to all kinds of fan theories and unpopular opinions on Reddit. One of them is that Mr. C is not actually as antagonistic as he might seem; u/aquariumdrinker thinks that Mr. C and Dale Cooper are actually on the same team, it’s just the way they go about achieving their goals that differ. And if anything, he is even better at getting ahead than Dale.

Let’s not forget that Phillip Jeffries was not too happy to see Cooper in Fire Walk With Me – perhaps he knew that he is only standing in the way, despite his good intentions. Similarly, u/le_wraith believes that Mr. C is the actual hero of the show. Sure, he was a murderer, but a lot of the characters he killed were actually antagonistic themselves, including his intolerable son Richard Horne, one of the show’s most annoying characters.

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