Judith is one of the only two main antagonists of the universally popular series Two And A Half Men. Throughout the series, she sucked the blood out of Alan who was already broke. Even though she was the one who wanted out of the marriage and she openly admitted that she never loved Alan in the first place, she still lucked out with a huge alimony, due to Charlie’s desperate ways with her lawyer.

Despite being bitchy, Judith is an interesting character to watch, because she kept adding new color to the show. One moment she was the epitome of adorable puppy love and the other, she was vindictive! Today, we shall share with you five things about her that absolutely do not make any sense, and five lesser-known facts.

10 You Didn’t Know: Personal History

Judith Harper Melnick was born in 1968 to Lenore and Sheldon. She was named so after the French star Judith Henry, given the similarity of their looks. She is spiteful, vindictive and extremely hypocritical.

She subtly revealed that she visits a therapist to help with her stress and family issues and you see her popping sedatives prescribed by her shrink. She was also a highly needy, neurotic kid during her childhood.

9 Makes No Sense: Men To Women To Men Again!

Judith divorced Alan because according to her, she had started to identify as a lesbian. But, shortly after they divorced, Judith dated Alan’s male friends, Jake’s soccer coach (again male), his (male) pediatrician and others, at different time periods.

She also dated Candi, who had previously been sleeping with Charlie. Alan mentioned once that both women were having same-sex flings. Then, she ended up marrying Herb. Was this just an excuse to divorce Alan, Judith?


8 You Didn’t Know: Family Information

The audience did not know a lot about Judith’s parents. She has an elder sister Liz, whom she was jealous of. She was also shown to have one more blonde sister at her wedding who was not named.

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Her familial relations were extremely strained and dysfunctional. Her family disliked her and her choices. They used to appreciate Alan openly and did not think Herb was an ideal partner for her. They looked extremely disappointed when Judith chose Herb over reconciliation with Alan.

7 Makes No Sense: Rebound With Ex!

When Judith broke up with Greg in the second season, Alan supported her and tried to cheer her up. Both were about to sleep together before Charlie and Jake walked in on them. Then, in season 10, when Herb cheated on her with a receptionist, she divorced him.

It was revealed later that she started spending some time with Alan and agreed to remarry him in the 11th season. Having a rebound relationship with a person she absolutely hated is the most nonsense thing Judith has ever done.

6 You Didn’t Know: Total Screentime

Judith was last seen in the episode “Of Course He Is Dead” in the 12th season, that is, the finale episode, but her screentime before that was exponentially reduced and continually declined after Charlie’s exit and the introduction of Walden (Ashton Kutcher).

Starting in the ninth season, she only gave a few appearances here and there. She was seen only in six episodes in this season and did not appear at all in season 10. In the last two seasons, she was just seen twice.

5 Makes No Sense: Frequent Mood Swings

Judith at one point said that she loved Herb and, in the next, she was yelling at him. At one point, she called herself a lesbian, but in the next second, she started making out with a man. She didn’t like Charlie at all and yet, every weekend, she religiously dropped Jake off at Charlie’s Malibu house.

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In one episode, she told Alan she was over him, but as soon as he said basically the same thing, she kissed him passionately. Obviously, Alan got confused, and just when he thought he won her back, she said she wanted to move on. That’s some serious high-level mood swings!

4 You Didn’t Know: Exit From The Show

Judith only appeared for a glimpse or two in the last three seasons. In a conversation, Herb mentioned she had divorced him, too, after she caught him cheating. Her role was already in decline with each season and more so after Charlie’s exit.

The real reason why she completely disappeared from the final three seasons and subsequently the show, is that the original actor Merin Hinkle had roles on several other shows, which left little time for her to continue with TAHM.

3 Makes No Sense: Why The Alimony?

Alan truly loved Judith, as he had admitted one too many times, but Judith wanted out of the relationship. In her own words, she never actually loved him and loathed him throughout their marriage.

Why then, did she demand alimony, and even worse, how did she manage to get it approved by the court? Why didn’t Alan try to sue Lana, her lawyer, for malpractice? Why did Alan have to pay her when she was the one that wanted out?

2 You Didn’t Know: Birds Of The Same Flock

Fans couldn’t wrap their minds around why Alan and Judith married each other. Judith admitted openly several times that she didn’t like him and their marriage was never successful, to begin with.

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Actually, both had uncanny similarities in their social lives. Both were hugely disliked and ignored in school. Alan was shadowed by his extremely popular and charming brother Charlie, and Judith could never get over her attractive sister Liz. This is how they ended up together.

1 Makes No Sense: Why Every Weekend, Judith?

Judith hated Charlie so much so that she used to say it and taunt him to his face. She disliked his lifestyle and he was a bad influence on Jake, as he was too into drinking, dining and women.

Every other day, Jake, Alan or their housekeeper, Berta, bumped into a piece of lingerie on the couch, or worse, a half-naked woman on the porch. Why then, did Judith never really strongarm Alan to move out of the house and, consequently, Jake out of this lifestyle, too?

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