Even though Uncharted didn’t get the best reception from critics, which is putting it lightly, it has still become one of the most watched movies on Netflix. It isn’t just critics that hated the video game movie, but fans of the game franchise were left bitterly disappointed too, which left just a pocket of non-critical fans who had never played the games.

However, some gaming Redditors have nothing but glowing things to say about the 2022 movie. Between crowning it the best video game film and defending its highly criticized casting choices, fans of 2022’s Uncharted are surprisingly passionate about it.


It’s One Of The Best Video Game Movies

Being the best video game movie isn’t exactly a high bar, as it’s a running joke that films based on games are always terrible. And in the almost 30 years since the first major video game movie, Super Mario Bros., there still hasn’t been a single great movie. But Nameless_Stories thinks that Uncharted crossed that bar.

The Redditor argues, “When it comes to video game movies, this one is easily up there with the best in terms of quality.” Many would say that this couldn’t be further from the truth, as not only is Uncharted rated rotten on Rotten Tomatoes, but it isn’t remotely faithful to video game series either. There have been tons of video game movies that have been forgotten, and there’s a chance that Uncharted could become one of them.

Defying Physics Is Fine Because The Game Does It

So many movies have been criticized for defying physics, whether it’s one of the dozens of superhero movies or the Fast and Furious franchise. Audiences are expected to suspend disbelief, but these films ask for way too much of it. Uncharted is no different, but OneManFreakShow thinks the movie has a valid excuse.

The Redditor posits, “It’s a movie. Based on a video game. With scenes exactly like that sprinkled throughout. I’m not saying it isn’t dumb, because it is, but you can’t really fault an adaptation for being faithful to its source material.” Just because the video game’s physics aren’t criticized doesn’t mean the movie’s physics shouldn’t be criticized. And where the film was given an inch, it took a mile, as every action scene is completely unbelievable.

The Cast And Crew Care About The Games

Zestran thinks that the cast and crew care about the games, positing, “I felt like the people involved actually cared about the games. Yeah, it wasn’t a 1-1 retelling of the games but it didn’t need to be.” Though it isn’t possible to understand how much they care about the video game franchise, based on how unfaithful the film is, it certainly doesn’t seem like they do.

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The movie is like Frankenstein’s monster, as it takes random set pieces, scenes, and characters from each of the four games. Chloe is introduced in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Sam isn’t introduced until Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and the plane sequence is Uncharted 3‘s most challenging level. And the movie is even bold enough to not even adapt any of the games’ set pieces for its final act.

The Characters Have No Chemistry

BeanieMcChimp thinks that the characters didn’t have any chemistry whatsoever, commenting, “The story felt improvised and half-baked and the characters had zero chemistry. Marky Mark was eye-rollingly miscast.” While a lot of what the Redditor says is in line with the general consensus, the characters at least had the video game characters’ chemistry.

There’s no denying that the characters are completely unlike their video game counterparts, but the movie’s characters still had a lot of chemistry. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, despite not even trying to act like Nate and Sully, still have tons of charisma and chemistry on screen. Even though the film annoyingly retcons their relationship and how they meet, erasing that rich history, Nate and Sully’s hilarious back-and-forth was immediate.

It’s A Good Movie But Not A Good Uncharted Movie

The movie adaptation has been endlessly criticized for how unlike it is to the video game franchise. The characters are completely unlike their video game counterparts (for some reason Nate is a bartender), it pulls random aspects from each game, and it doesn’t have any of the classic mysteries or puzzles.

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But Large-Wheel-4181 reckons that it’s a good movie if fans ignore the fact that it’s an Uncharted adaptation. The Redditor notes, “Uncharted may not be a good adaption but I think it’s still a decent film, which is good enough.” However, if fans ignore that, which is hard enough, even when compared to other adventure movies the 2022 release is so underwhelming. Fans of adventure movies would have much preferred to see National Treasure 3.

The Flying Pirate Ships Sequence Was Fun

The end of the movie sees a huge fight sequence taking place on two pirate ships being flown by the sky by two helicopters. Pineapple996 is a big fan of the final act, noting, “The big action scene at the end was so much fun. It captured that over-the-top spectacle and adrenaline that you feel whilst playing some of the big set pieces in the games.”

However, it’s a mostly empty-feeling sequence, as Drake just fights off one henchman at a time in front of what is clearly a green screen. As the movie stitches together random sequences from each game, there is a myriad of huge action scenes the movie could have used instead.

The Best Part Was Antonio Banderas

It’s great to see Antonio Banderas in a huge blockbuster movie like Uncharted, as he hasn’t had such an important role in a major studio film in what feels like forever. Relytbackwards thinks the actor, who played Santiago Moncada, was the best character, ecstatically noting, “The best part was probably Antonio Banderas!”

However, as he’s the most talented actor who was attached to the 2022 movie, he was totally underused. Banderas played a stereotypical entitled rich man, the villain archetype in every adventure flick. And in what has become something of a cliche, he was killed midway through the movie by the real antagonist of the film.

Sophia Ali As Chloe Was Bad

While every Uncharted fan accused Sony of miscasting most of the characters in the video game movie, players agreed universally that Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer was inspired casting and a perfect choice. And the actor nailed the role in the film too, but not everyone was as enthralled by her. Lexxlr8 argues, “I thought the casting for Chloe was by far the worst.”

Just like in the games, movie Chloe is sassy, independent, and isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, and that’s why she’s one of the best characters in Uncharted. Her character might have been softened a little, as she still fell for Drake in the film, but the sequel could see her develop more into the hardened treasure hunter.

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Tom Holland Was Properly Cast As Drake

Some think Uncharted is overrated, but the reason why the games are loved above all else is because of lead character Nathan Drake. The protagonist is smart, funny, charming, and hard to pin down, and Holland ultimately failed to bring that character to the big screen. But Al209209 argues, “Holland is a good choice for Nathan Drake but is hated on because of how popular he is right now.”

It’s hard to look past the fact that it’s Holland, but his fame isn’t why the casting doesn’t work. The actor doesn’t attempt to act like Drake in the games, and the character isn’t too different from Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker either. Movie Drake even pulls off the same superhero landing. However, credit where credit’s due, Holland nailed Drake’s sarcastic wit; he just failed to capture the accent, the charm, or the spirit of the character.

It Would Have Been Better As A Series

A lot of video games are being adapted into TV series, including BioShock and God of War. And now OleCatfishDroopy thinks, “Maybe it would have done better as a Netflix series or something. Also seeing Mark Wahlberg dressed as the OG sully would have been funny to see.”

Given that seasons of shows could be 10 hours or even longer, it’s a great platform for video games with campaign modes of 12 hours. However, that doesn’t mean that the adaptation would have been any better. And as Halo isn’t the epic series fans wanted, a longer, episodic format doesn’t necessarily mean better storytelling either.