Given Valheim‘s impressive sales trajectory, Embracer Group estimates the popular survival title from Iron Gate will hit eight million copies sold by the end of June. The mega-publisher and Iron Gate are connected by Valheim publisher Coffee Stain Studios, a Stockholm, Sweden-based firm that Embracer Group shrewdly acquired late last year along with 12 other gaming businesses.

Clearly, someone at Embracer read the tea leaves right. Coffee Stain’s partnership with Iron Gate has proven incredibly lucrative, despite Valheim only being on the market for a few short months. Within a week of its February 2021 release, the Steam Early Access project had moved an astonishing one million units. It crossed a milestone of four million sales in less than a month. By early March, approximately four weeks after its initial rollout, the Viking-centric adventure boasted a sales total of five million. And it seems Valheim’s soaring popularity won’t soon come to a halt.


As noted by Twitter account Embracer Investor, a page dedicated to but unaffiliated with the conglomerate, Valheim surpassed 6.8 million units sold on March 31. The company’s management now anticipates sales to exceed eight million by the end of this coming June. Embracer Investor additionally informed followers that the open-world survival title served as the biggest earner for Coffee Stain’s quarterly revenue, which reportedly totaled $93.6 million.

Embracer Group’s projection for Valheim does not seem too far out of reach given the title’s $20 price tag, positive word-of-mouth, and overall sales trajectory. Iron Gate’s ongoing support of Valheim with new updates is sure to further increase the prospects of boosted sales as the months wear on.

At present, fans patiently await the previously teased Hearth and Home update, which will introduce additional base building options. Iron Gate has yet to announce a due date for the major content drop since the team is focused on optimizing the experience and ironing out bugs. Three other big updates are scheduled to release during the early access period, as well – Cult of the Wolf, Ships and the Sea, and the Mistlands biome. While these patches also lack concrete details and launch information, it’s clear that Iron Gate has big plans for the future of the smash hit survival adventure.

Valheim is out now on PC via Steam Early Access.

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Source: Embracer Investor/Twitter

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