In Vampyr, Reid has many different active and passive skills that he can feed into to help him get through the world, but which ones are the best to choose right off the bat? Most of the player’s abilities are based around blood, as it is the main source of power for a vampire. Among these skills, some are generally good for all players, while others are more for specific playstyles.

Both active and passive skills can be very useful early on in the game. The active skills can be broken down into four categories; Defensive, Aggressive, Tactical, and Ultimate. The passive skills can also be broken down into four categories; Body, Blood, Bite, and Science.


Best Early Game Skills for Dr. Reid in Vampyr

Let’s dive into what passive and active abilities are available for Dr. Reid and how important the main ones can be to any type of player. Looking into the passive abilities first, here are the important abilities ranked within their categories.

Passive Skills – 


  • Body Condition – This directly affects Reid’s health which is likely the more necessary of the two skills in Body.
  • Physical Prowess – This directly affect Reid’s stamina, this is another highly important skill as it will determine how much Reid can do at any instance.


  • Big Thirst – This affects how much blood Reid can draw off of his enemies in any encounter.
  • Blood Capacity – This affects how much blood Reid can store within him to use.


  • Fast Regeneration – This affects how quickly Reid heals from biting in combat.
  • Hard Biting – This affects the damage dealt by Reid’s bites.
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  • Cartridge Bag – Effects how many bullets Reid can carry.
  • Medical Bag – Effects how many serums Reid can carry.

Out of these, the top three that any player could make use of are Body Condition, Physical Prowess, and Fast Regeneration. While the other abilities are still all fairly useful, they may not be as important or useful to every playstyle. Players may also want to invest more in other abilities and customize their Reid.

Active Skills – 


  • Coagulation – Freezes an enemy by blocking their blood flow for a short period of time. This is great for a player who needs a moment to heal or wants to get some extra effective hits off.
  • Blood Barrier – Creates an invisible shield that absorbs damage.


  • Shadow Mist – Create a cloud of shadows that will explode, dealing hefty damage.
  • Bloodspear – Creates a spear made of blood that can pass through enemies it is thrown at.
  • Claws – Uses Reid’s claws as a simple melee weapon.


  • Shadow Veil – Uses Reid’s stamina to turn invisible to make an attack or sneak past enemies.
  • Spring – A jump that also doubles as an attack.


  • Abyss – Basically, a more amped up Shadow Mist that also interrupts other enemies in the area.
  • Blood Cauldron – Targets an enemy to explode via boiling their blood which inflicts AOE damage.
  • Rage – The player let’s go of the reins while a beast takes over Reid and teleports around the room attacking enemies.

Outside of these abilities, is one more that doesn’t fall into any of the categories. This is autophagy, which allows Reid to use his blood pool to heal. This is one of the only ways vampires can heal and thus is the most important of the active skills to invest in. Beyond that skill Coagulation and Blood Barrier seem like good skills for any vampire to hold. The rest of the active skills seem much more dependent on the player’s preferred playstyle and favorite imagery.

Vampyr is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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