What is the net worth of actor Terry O’Quinn? Terry O’Quinn belongs to a category of actors known as “that guy.” The late, great Dick Miller (Gremlins) is one of the leading members of this group – so much so there’s actually a documentary called That Guy Dick Miller. Other examples would be Keith David, William Fichtner, or Michael Ironside. These are performers who regularly show up in a supporting capacity in both film and television, with some having a habit of stealing scenes from the main stars.

Terry O’Quinn made his movie debut with 1980’s infamous Western Heaven’s Gate, and he’s rarely been out of work since. Throughout much of the early 1980s, he appeared in movies and TV shows like Miami Vice, Silver Bullet, and SpaceCamp. One of his first big breaks, and one of his most acclaimed performances, came with 1987’s The Stepfather. O’Quinn played an identity hopping serial killer who wants the perfect family and has a habit of murdering those who disappoint him. The actor was perfectly cast in this eerie thriller and later returned for trashy sequel Stepfather II; his dislike of that movie led to him opting out of 1992’s Stepfather III.


By the 1990s Terry O’Quinn was swapping back and forth between film and TV, with notable projects including The X-Files, Tombstone, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was often cast as authority figures and regularly worked with Chris Carter, including a recurring role in dark thriller series Millennium. Of course, he’s best known for his role on Lost as John Locke, who was one of the show’s most important characters. The series ran for six seasons and his salary is one of the reasons Celebrity Net Worth estimates him to be worth $8 million.

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John Locke was one of Lost’s most fascinating characters and watching his evolution throughout the show was one of its highlights. This was largely down to Terry O’Quinn’s performance, with Lost giving the veteran character actor plenty of juicy material to work with. Since the show came to an end in 2010, most of O’Quinn’s work has been on TV, including roles in Hawaii Five-O and the short-lived 666 Park Avenue.

In recent years Terry O’Quinn has appeared in both The Blacklist and its spinoff The Blacklist: Redemption, Emergence and Castle Rock. The actor will always be a welcome presence in any film or television project and has a habit of adding a little class to anything he appears in.

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