What is next for Carlos Valdes after finishing a seven-year run on The Flash as Cisco Ramon, a.k.a. Vibe/Mecha-Vibe? Since 2014, Cisco has been one of the core members of Team Flash, there from the start as Barry Allen woke up from his coma and discovered he had super-speed. Throughout his time on The Flash, Cisco was the team’s gifted engineer and the one to name all the super-villains in Central City. While Cisco eventually became the superhero Vibe, he got rid of his powers in The Flash season 5. No matter his arc, Cisco has been one of the Arrowverse’s fan-favorites.

But all good things must come to an end, even in the world of television. After starring in the DC drama for seven seasons, The CW revealed that Valdes and Tom Cavanagh would be ending their runs as series regulars on The Flash. With the Arrowverse, an exit is not always a farewell, but rather an “until next time” as characters can come back any time they want. The Flash season 7, episode 12, “Good-Bye Vibrations,” served as Cisco’s exit as he and Kamilla move on to the next chapter in their lives.


However, though Valdes has finished his run as a full-time cast member, Cisco will be back for the final two episodes in The Flash season 7, which the actor confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. Since the season is shorter, Cisco will be in the 150th episode (including Impulse’s debut) and the finale, which will air in July. Now that Valdes has concluded a gig that lasted for seven years, where is the actor going next? Normally when a star exits a long-running show like The Flash, it can be for various reasons, mostly to take on new creative opportunities.

Currently, Valdes has not, at least officially, booked any projects post-Flash. But it seems to be possibly intentional, as Valdes said in the same EW interview that he sort of likes the idea of not knowing what’s next for him. It is perfectly understandable to not want to jump into another acting gig so quickly after having been on a major TV show for almost a decade. That said, Valdes may have alluded to where fans of the Arrowverse may see, or specifically, hear him next. In his interview, Valdes revealed that his gut instincts are telling him that he may commit more to his musical career next.

Prior to joining The Flash, Valdes came from a theater background, including having starred in Broadway’s Once. It wouldn’t be shocking if Valdes were to return to the stage or start producing more original music. For fans who watched The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover will know that Valdes is an incredible singer, so if music is what he focuses on now, that would be welcome. Wherever Valdes goes next, whether on the big or small screen or on a live stage, The Flash star is sure to gain an entirely new audience of fans.

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