In Psychonauts 2, players will need a piece of bacon to summon Agent Cruller, the “Psychic Stowaway” within Raz’s mind. During a critical mission within the Motherlobe, Truman Zanotto advises that Raz seek out Agent Ford Cruller, the leader and founder of the Psychic Six. Raz needs to enter Cruller’s mind to obtain crucial information about defeating Maligula, the main antagonist and a boss in Psychonauts 2.

Agent Cruller played a significant role in the first Psychonauts game as well. Raz similarly used a piece of bacon to call for his aid. Without the potent smell of bacon, players aren’t able to summon Agent Cruller in Psychonauts 2. Fortunately, this special item can easily be found within the Motherlobe and obtained with minimal effort. Read further to learn where to find bacon in Psychonauts 2.


To get bacon in Psychonauts 2, head to the central atrium within the Motherlobe. On each side of the spacious lobby are several entrances to areas Raz can explore, one of which is the Noodle Bowl. It is the main diner where Agents go to eat their meals. Players will be able to recognize the room from its brightly lit green and pink neon sign. Enter the Noodle Bowl and head over to the counter. The special of the day is “honey pepper boar bacon,” the exact item that Raz needs to summon Agent Cruller.

How to Get Bacon in Psychonauts 2

Walk up to the counter and talk to the cook to initiate a short cutscene. Upon speaking to the cook, Raz will ask for one piece of bacon. After a brief comical dialogue, the cook will give Raz the last piece available. Raz holds up the bacon to his ear and waves it about so that Cruller will be able to catch the fragrant scent. Once Agent Cruller is summoned, players will be able to enter his brain in Psychonauts 2.

After exploring Agent Cruller’s zany mind in Psychonauts 2, players will be able to use the piece of bacon at any time to summon him for help. His astral projection will provide Raz with tips and tricks on battling various enemies and the levels the player is currently exploring. Agent Cruller played such a huge role in the previous game, so it’s great to see Psychonauts 2 bring him back along with his favorite food for summoning him — bacon.

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Psychonauts 2 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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