Genshin Impact‘s 2.0 update will feature a new Event Wish called “The Heron’s Court”. The Banner will have the highly-anticipated Kamisato Ayaka, as well as returning characters from previous updates. miHoYo has revealed Chongyun, Ningguang, and Yanfei to be the promotional 4-star characters in Ayaka’s Banner. So, which featured character on Ayaka’s Wish is actually the best?

Playable characters in Genshin Impact are all unique with specific functions, strengths, and weaknesses. Despite various opinions on tier lists, some characters can help players a lot more compared to others simply because of players needed a specific Element or role to fill. Because of this, some players may not need a 5-star DPS character as much as they may need a 4-star Support one.


Chongyun was one of the first characters introduced during Genshin Impact‘s initial release. He is a Cryo and Claymore user that offers utility for other characters in the game. Chongyun is a good enabler, allowing others to transform into Cryo damage dealers for a short time. He can also deal high damage with his Elemental Burst ability. Despite his utility, Chongyun is a very niche character because his role is limited to certain team builds. His Elemental Skill infuses Cryo damage to characters using Swords, Claymores, and Polearms. Catalyst and Bow users will not benefit from Chongyun’s ability. Due to his limited role, only players with the right team can utilize Chongyun effectively.

Genshin Impact 2.0: Best Characters in Ayaka’s Banner

Ningguang is a Geo Catalyst user, best used as a damage dealer due to her focus on Charged Attacks. Ningguang’s abilities can deal high amounts of Geo damage and can also offer support for other characters. Her Elemental Skill summons a Jade Screen that can block projectile attacks and increases Geo damage for any allies that pass through it. Geo elemental reactions are focused on defense which will limit Ningguang’s damage potential compared to other elements.

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Yanfei, Liyue’s top legal expert, was introduced in Genshin Impact‘s Version 1.5 update. She is a Pyro Catalyst user with a strong focus on Charged attacks, similar to Ningguang. What makes Yanfei a strong damage dealer is her consistent AoE Pyro attacks. AoE attacks are very effective in battling groups of enemies, especially for timed events like Spiral Abyss. As a Pyro Vision user, Yanfei’s elemental reactions are also damage-focused. Pyro-related Elemental Reactions like Vaporize, Melt, and Overload increase overall damage in battle, which allows Yanfei to fit into most teams.

Ayaka is the newest 5-star character in the Version 2.0 update, and arguably the best one on the Banner. Her role within a team is to be the main damage dealer with a strong focus on Cryo damage. Elemental reactions such as Melt, Frozen, and Superconduct are easily accessible for Ayaka, making her an excellent choice for Cryo-focused reactions. Aside from battles, Ayaka is a great character for exploration. She can traverse on top of water areas just like Mona. Every update in Genshin Impact offers new Banners for fans to enjoy, and Version 2.0 offers players the chance to pull for Ayaka along with these other great promotional characters.

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