As one of the most popular superheroes in DC Comics, Wonder Woman has become even more of a sensation thanks to two highly successful blockbusters, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman: 1984. Both follow the Amazon demi-god Diana Prince as she navigates the human world, defeating the enemies of humankind in all their many forms.

These DCEU movies are populated by many memorable and colorful characters, all of which have salient traits that echo the signs of the zodiac. Some of them are obvious, while others require a more introspective assessment of each figure.

12 Aries – Ares

Unsurprisingly the God of War embodies all of the best and worst traits of his sign. Aries is confident, charismatic, and persistent. Used to having the upper hand and the skills to back it up, he feels superior to Zeus’s creations and revels in watching them fail.

His avarice, selfishness, and arrogance (all traits he believes only humans have) are but a projection of his true self. He underestimates humans’ ability to be more than what he gives them credit for, and as a result he is able to be destroyed in his final battle with Wonder Woman.

11 Taurus – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman takes the responsibilities of the world on her shoulders, and through her actions and altruistic example tries to make it a better place. She cannot often be reasoned with, but changing her mind isn’t impossible if perspective comes from a friend.

Like a true Taurus, Wonder Woman is extraordinarily stubborn, determined, and practical. She also tends to spend a lot of time in her head, and otherwise living a life of solitude. Once she trusts someone, however, they become a friend for life and she will do whatever she can to protect them. One day, she’ll be ready to let the whole world know just who she is.


10 Gemini – Young Diana

As the young Princess of Themyscira, Diana is impressionable, precocious, and highly curious. Despite her royal responsibilities, she’s the only child on the island and wants to run, jump, play, and most of all, train with General Antiope and the rest of the Amazons.

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As a Gemini, she is highly adaptive and resourceful, but she can also be impulsive, and often puts her nose where it doesn’t belong. She has to learn patience and humility in order to grow up to become the leader of her people.

9 Cancer – Steve Trevor

Handsome, brave, and compassionate, ace fighter pilot  Steve Trevor is not only an American hero but the love of Diana’s life. He isn’t intimidated by romancing a superhero demi-god, and knows how to stand up to her when he feels she’s lost sight of her priorities .

Steve is a Cancer through and through – intuitive, caring, and one of the most loyal of all the signs. He is also extraordinarily protective, almost to a fault, and his desire to keep Diana and the rest of the world safe makes him commit the ultimate sacrifice.

8 Leo – Antiope

The greatest warrior in the history of the Amazons must be a Leo, whose bravery and confidence radiate strength and draw warriors to her banner. Antiope was the general of the Amazons under Queen Hippolyta, and responsible for Princess Diana’s training before she left Themyscira.

While Antiope was confident in the spotlight, she warned Diana of its pressures and responsibilities. Being the center of attention meant being exposed, and in the spotlight a person must only ever tell the truth. Fiercely loyal to her niece, she died protecting her from harm.

7 Virgo – Doctor Poison

Doctor Marina Maru, or the maniacal “Doctor Poison”, is known as much for her terrifying bioweapons as she is for her disfigured face. Uncompromising in her duties, she is an exacting, clinical, and rigid perfectionist.

As a Virgo, she is calculating and efficient, leaving no room for mistakes. As much as she requires order in her own life, she sees only one reason for her designs; to create utter chaos, and destroy anyone who has wronged her.

6 Libra – Sameer

Loquacious and provocative, Sameer is a good friend of Steve Trevor’s who becomes a reliable ally of Diana’s during WWI. Despite being a soldier, he sees the beauty in art and culture, and fights to preserve them.

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Sameer wanted to be an actor prior to enlisting, but as he memorably tells Diana, he was the wrong color. He still finds ways to make life interesting and theatrical, and seems to fancy himself quite the lover. He’s very desirous to find Themyscira where there are more women like Diana for him to woo.

5 Scorpio – Maxwell Lord

While the comic book version of Maxwell Lord may be content to pull the strings from the shadows, Pedro Pascal’s portrayal is anything but clandestine. An amalgamation of a televangelist and a self-help guru, he is the physical embodiment of the “get rich quick” scheme, and is determined to do so at any cost.

Charismatic, forceful, and dynamic like a Scorpio, Wonder Woman: 1984‘s Max Lord is capable of talking his way out of almost any predicament. His single-minded determination allows him to succeed where others fail, but at the cost of everything that is important to him.

4 Sagittarius – Charlie

A volatile Scottish soldier whom Steve has known a long time, Charlie is an expert marksman who usually never misses a shot. The only time his courage fails him is if he’s being plagued by memories of past wartime experiences, which cause him to have horrible night terrors.

When Charlie isn’t being a resident sniper, he can be found caterwauling in pubs and getting into fights. Like many a Sagittarius, he marches to the beat of his own drum.

3 Capricorn – Hippolyta

The Queen of the Amazons and ruler of Themyscira, Hippolyta is also a devoted mother to Diana, whom she sculpted out of clay so Zeus could bring to life. She wishes to protect her people and most of all her daughter from the world of humans, and fears what would happen should Themyscira be discovered by them.

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Incredibly disciplined and reserved like most Capricorns, Hippolyta is often seen to be grim-faced and pessimistic, but when she’s free to divulge in time with her daughter, a different side of her emerges, with warm humor and love.

2 Aquarius – Barbara Minerva/Cheetah

Barbara Minerva idolizes Diana, while believing herself to be nothing special. Her self-deprecating nature leads her to make a wish upon a powerful artifact, which allows her to become Cheetah, an “apex predator” who doesn’t let anyone push them around.

Aquarians are independent and fierce, and considered one of the most unique signs. As soon as Barbara receives the artifacts’ powers, she becomes vivacious, witty, and charismatic. The duality of the air sign can make it polarizing, and Aquarians often have a contrary nature they must wrestle with.

1 Pisces – Etta Candy

While Etta Candy first appears as Steve Trevor’s secretary and personal assistant, in the comic books she’s Wonder Woman’s best friend and confidant. Etta is feisty and has a devil-may-care attitude, only too happy to help with the practical details of Diana and Steve’s missions.

Etta shares many traits of a Pisces, who have a “go with the flow” attitude and embrace change as it comes. She’s happy to be included in the group, and proves herself a capable and competent ally on the inside.

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