Amongst the many issues facing Battlefield 2042 at launch is the game’s underwhelming gunplay. Players have complained that initiating and finishing fights has been difficult because it is harder to land shots than in previous Battlefield games, such as BF1 and BF5. The implementation of bloom appears to be the culprit behind this problem, as bullets seemingly manage to hit everywhere but the target.

Battlefield 2042 is one of DICE’s most ambitious BF titles. The game offers huge 128 player lobbies and introduces big changes to the series’ gameplay mechanics, replacing the class system with Specialists, as well as introducing on-the-fly weapon customization. Sadly, Battlefield 2042’s buggy launch has made it difficult to appreciate these changes, with players having difficulty both loading into games and finding enjoyment once they finally find themselves in a lobby. There are multiple reasons behind the latter problem, ranging from missing gameplay features to the bugs themselves, but one of the biggest issues relates to 2042’s gunplay. Players have complained that firefights are more frustrating than in previous entries and that the guns themselves are prone to misbehaving, either not firing at all in some scenarios, or failing to hit their targets.


According to VG247, bloom is behind Battlefield 2042’s gunfighting problems. Bloom impacts the accuracy of bullets, increasing the projectile spread the more a player fires, making them less accurate over time. While bloom is not entirely new to the series, the bloom in this entry seems severe in comparison to earlier titles, and when paired with the network issues and bugs Battlefield 2042 has faced at launch, bullet accuracy only becomes worse.

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Why Battlefield 2042’s Weapon Bloom Makes Gunplay So Unsatisfying

Weapon bloom is completely separate from hip fire and recoil, which have both been staples of previous Battlefield games. In most shooting games, players can shoot from the hip – which results in a more uncontrolled spread of bullets – or while aiming down sights (ADSing), which allows bullets to land exactly where the receptacle is pointing. While ADSing, players have to account for recoil, which refers to the pattern of movement a gun makes while it is being shot. Weapon bloom is the randomization of bullet accuracy regardless of a player’s control of recoil while ADSing. This means that bloom is difficult to predict and more difficult to control. Additionally, bloom can vary between games and weapons and is also affected by movement, which only makes the mechanic even more difficult for players to understand or account for.

Battlefield 2042’s weapons appear to use a high degree of bloom, meaning that bullet accuracy is very random. While it is unclear why DICE has decided to implement bloom in this way, many other multiplayer shooters like the recently released Call of Duty: Vanguard use bloom to create a more equal playing field between casual and competitive players. For skilled players who can accurately aim down a target, bloom serves as a punishment by making it harder to determine where the bullets will connect. On the other hand, less-skilled players might find that they hit more shots with bloom because stray bullets might strike targets even when poorly aimed due to how it randomizes accuracy. Bloom’s impact on Battlefield 2042 is doing precisely this, as some players who felt they regularly hit shots in earlier installments of the series are now finding it difficult to down their targets.

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It may be an ambitious title, but the game’s many issues at launch could be damaging. Battlefield 2042 has already received mixed reviews, and while glitches and bugs can be patched, design choices like weapon bloom and minimal destruction may be more difficult to address. Given the mixed response to the game, as well as reports that DICE has already begun work on another Battlefield title, the path ahead for Battlefield 2042 could be rocky.

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