A reveal in the Golden Frieza Saga made Cooler possible for the second Dragon Ball Super movie. Cooler, the vengeful brother of Frieza and the villain of two Dragon Ball Z movies, is easily the most popular choice for the franchise’s next villain.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly set a big precedent when it reintroduced viewers to Broly, who at the time wasn’t an in-canon villain since all of the Dragon Ball Z movies exist outside of continuity. As a result, other Dragon Ball Z movie characters naturally became candidates for Goku and Vegeta’s next opponent. Among them are Turles, Bojack, Janemba, and Cooler, the latter of which being the character whose name has been brought up the most. The biggest issue with him though is his strength level. His power level was not far from his brother’s in the Frieza Saga – and nearly all of the Z-Warriors have eclipsed that at this point.


Previously, it would have been difficult to imagine a member of Frieza’s race having the power to challenge Goku at this stage in the anime, but what was established in the Golden Frieza Saga opens the door for that possibility. When Frieza was resurrected, there was no way that he could have competed with Goku or Vegeta if he had faced them right away. His power just wasn’t a threat to the Z-Warriors anymore. However, Frieza succeeded in changing that by training for four months. Thanks to his efforts, Frieza was able to access a transformation that rivaled Goku’s new Super Saiyan God form. The fact that he had been dead for more than a decade, but was still able to catch up to Goku in just four months is a telling sign of his race’s potential for strength gains.

If Frieza can become so powerful that fast, then it stands to reason that Dragon Ball Super’s Cooler can achieve similar – if not better – results. In Cooler’s Revenge, he was presented as a villain who was stronger than his brother, so if that aspect of his character is adapted to the film, it could be revealed that this new version of Cooler is stronger than him too. If he trains for as long (or longer) than Frieza did when he was brought back to life, it’s possible that he’ll have enough power to push the Z-Warriors to their limit. Dragon Ball Super could also make his final transformation in Cooler’s Revenge his answer to Frieza’s golden form. If so, he could use it to battle Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta.

Thanks to the Golden Frieza Saga, Cooler certainly stands a chance at being a worthwhile antagonist. What may make beating him even more challenging is the presence of Frieza, who is back among the living. Cooler fought Goku to avenge Frieza’s death the first time around, but things will be different if he fights Goku now. If Frieza and his much stronger older brother form an alliance, the Z-Warriors could be in for some serious trouble in the next Dragon Ball Super movie.

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