Warning: contains spoilers for X-Force #26

While the X-Men have seen a number of incredibly powerful and deadly mutants, none are more dangerous than Changelings. The classification of being a Changeling makes that mutant incredibly unpredictable and out of control upon the development of their powers. While the idea of Changelings have existed for years in X-Men stories, they were brought to the forefront of fans’ attention in the latest X-Force mission that put the threat of Changelings on full display. 

In X-Force #26 by Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill, Wolverine is taken aback as he realizes the woman who he had been surfing with recently was just using him to establish herself on Krakoa in order to steal something incredibly valuable and dangerous from the X-Men. She worked with an organization that wanted to study and derive power from babies that had already developed their mutant powers, mutants that are known as Changelings. 


While Wolverine and the X-Force are successful in stopping the deceitful villains before their plans come to fruition, fans are given a glimpse at the power of Changelings. X-Force #26 opened with a team of divers with three separate babies in pods on their backs heading towards a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. When they entered the sub, one of the babies named Maximillian, started wailing and created a deadly frequency that nearly took out the entire crew. As X-Men fans know, mutants don’t usually develop their abilities until puberty, so seeing one so powerful as a mere infant is quite a shock and the latest example of a Changeling really shows the danger they pose to not just the X-Men, but the whole world. 

Changelings are so dangerous not because they are all particularly more powerful than any other mutant, but because of their complete lack of control over their powers. Infants don’t have the capability to regulate their emotions and regularly cry out for any number of reasons including being hungry, tired, or for no reason at all. In a Changeling, with those cries come whatever mutant power that Changeling has without any restrictions or regulations in place. 

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The idea of Changelings has been around since X-Factor Vol. 3 in which the mutant Multiple Man believed he was a Changeling, but the extreme danger this type of mutant poses hasn’t been fully explored until recently. X-Men’s Changelings are the most dangerous type of mutant because they are mutants whose powers were fully realized when they were infants, making the destruction they can ensue unpredictable and out of control.

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