Diana Prince’s (Gal Gadot) first love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) returns in Wonder Woman 1984, and while he’s her only mortal ally from the 2017 movie to actually come back from the dead, other characters from Wonder Woman return for their own small cameos. A tour of the photos in Diana’s apartment reveals that she remained friends with the supporting characters of Wonder Woman: Sammy (Saïd Taghmaoui), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) and Etta Candy (Lucy Davis).

When Diana left the Amazon paradise of Themyscira on a mission to save the world from Ares, the god of war, she knew that she wouldn’t ever be allowed to return. Steve was the first man she ever met, but as he gathered up a small strike team to take her to the front lines of the war, Diana made a few new friends. Sameer’s dreams of becoming an actor had been waylaid by the color of his skin, so he instead used his silver tongue to operate as a spy in World War I. Charlie is recruited for his skills as a sharpshooter, but the trauma of the war leaves him unable to fire his gun at crucial moments. Finally, Chief is a smuggler who aids in guiding the team across the hostile landscape of war-torn Belgium.


In Wonder Woman 1984, one of the photos in Diana’s apartment shows Sammy and Charlie apparently having a double wedding. Another shows Diana freeing Holocaust survivors with Chief, who is recognizable by his broad-brimmed hat. Finally, a color photo reveals that Etta lived to a ripe old age and remained friends with Diana for the rest of her life. Davis confirmed that she returned for the cameo appearance in the photo, joking, “this photo will now be my online dating profile picture.”

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After the end of the Great War, Diana would have been left to try and make a place for herself in a strange new world. By the start of Wonder Woman 1984 she has established her identity as Diana Prince (a pseudonym that Steve hastily came up with when she tried to introduce herself as “Diana, Princess of Themyscira”) and is working as an anthropologist for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. A few decades later, during the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, she is working in a similar role at the Louvre in Paris. Her true identity is a closely guarded secret, which means that only Sammy, Charlie, Chief and Etta knew the truth about her superpowers and Amazon roots.

The time skip between Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 has inevitably raised questions about why Diana didn’t fight to stop World War II and the Holocaust in the same way that she fought to end World War I. The photo of Diana and Chief liberating prisoners from concentration camps appears to be an attempt to address this without getting into too much detail about how much Diana did (or didn’t do). Perhaps Wonder Woman 3 will answer some more questions about the early years of Diana’s life in the mortal world, and perhaps even feature the return of more Wonder Woman cast members. For now, though, the photos in Wonder Woman 1984 at least confirm that Diana’s first human friends remained a part of her life after Steve was gone.

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