With phase 6 of World of Warcraft: Classic releasing in early December, players finally have a chance to experience Naxxramus, the final raid of the original game. Although Naxxramus originally took over 2 months to clear, making it legendary for its difficulty, this was not the case in World of Warcraft: Classic. A guild named “Progress” was able to clear the raid in well under two hours, and many other top guilds accomplished a full clear within the night of release.

Naxxramus is not the only end-game content that top players have sped through, as many of the other raids released during World of Warcraft: Classic were cleared immediately. This has prompted some guilds to take on World of Warcraft’s raids with additional challenges, and others to complete them as quickly as possible. Although the content is similar to what it was in the original World of Warcraft game, modern players have many advantages that have allowed them to complete the endgame content quickly.


One of the top things that has changed for raiders in World of Warcraft: Classic is the access to information that they have. In the original game it was easy for players to choose classes or specializations that were sub-optimal for the raids, and the same can be said about gear and other items. With so many years to research the details of the game, it has become much easier for players to learn what abilities and professions they should be prioritizing in World of Warcraft: Classic, and for them to learn what WoW DPS builds work best.

Why There Are More Players Raiding in WoW Classic

The majority of raids in the original World of Warcraft required a 40 player roster to complete them, and this has remained true in World of Warcraft: Classic. When the game was still in its infancy, it was difficult to find 40 players who were actually level 60, let alone geared and prepared to participate in a raid. Nowadays it has become much easier for players to level up quickly, and they are also able to find step-by-step guides on where they can acquire the items they need for World of Warcraft’s toughest raids. With more players capable of raiding, guilds have more chances to clear the content.

Outside of the standard specializations and abilities, players in World of Warcraft: Classic can also prepare for raids by gathering consumables and acquiring powerful “world buffs.” These world buffs are especially potent, providing players with everything from increased movement speed to a boost in their damage. Since all these buffs require is for players to be nearby when somebody hands in certain quests, it is relatively easy for entire guilds to receive the buffs at once. Taking advantage of these boosts in power makes clearing the raids much easier, but this was not nearly as common of a practice in the original World of Warcraft.

Although Naxxramus and some of the other World of Warcraft: Classic raids were cleared very quickly, that does not mean the content is not challenging. While top guilds need to practice for many hours and prepare expensive consumables in order to complete it quickly, more casual raiding guilds will find that these WoW raids still take weeks, if not months, to complete. With the release of both Naxxramus as well as the upcoming Castle Nathria in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, fans of the game have a lot of content, both new and old, to enjoy.

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