It appears that the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account has been hacked, with past tweets being deleted along with profile and header images. Microsoft’s video game subscription service grants users access to a large roster of digital games, along with other services like Xbox Live Gold and EA Play. February 2022 adds new Xbox Game Pass games like Madden NFL 22 and Mass Effect Legendary Edition, though it appears that the beloved service’s social media account may be under attack.

By providing users access to an ever-growing selection of popular games, Xbox Game Pass has become an incredibly enticing deal for many gamers. Microsoft is constantly supporting the service by adding new games, with many new releases such as Halo Infinite joining Game Pass simultaneously at launch. The service provides access to many backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games, too, and Game Pass users can carry their progress over to the standalone version of a game should it be rotated out of the subscription service’s digital library. While an Xbox Game Pass rival from PlayStation is “inevitable,” according to Xbox head Phil Spencer, for now Microsoft’s service is essentially one of a kind.


The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account’s header and profile pictures were mysteriously deleted on February 22, suggesting that the account has been hacked. Multiple past tweets were also deleted without warning, along with the account’s name, leaving the page looking noticeably barren. While the cause of the issue is currently unclear, it seems likely that Xbox Game Pass’ Twitter was hacked or suffered from a dramatic technical issue. Images of the hacked account can be found below:

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While the presumed hacking of the Xbox Game Pass account is bizarre, Microsoft has suffered other Twitter mishaps in the past. The video game juggernaut’s social media accounts also made headlines back in September 2020, when bizarre naming conventions caused the Xbox One X to trend on Twitter rather than the Xbox Series X. Microsoft chooses infamously similar names for its beloved gaming consoles, causing many casual gamers to confuse 2017’s Xbox One X revision with 2020’s new-generation Xbox Series X/S. Having the wrong console trend on Twitter during promotion was no doubt frustrating for Microsoft, but probably not as frustrating as the recent Xbox Game Pass account hack.

Xbox Game Pass is an extremely popular service, providing Xbox gamers with a wide range of different titles to experience for a single subscription fee. However, an apparent social media hack suggests that not everyone is happy with the streaming service or its creator. It is also possible that the account has suffered from a wild technical glitch, though, so only time will tell when and how Xbox Game Pass returns to Twitter.


Source: Xbox Game Pass/Twitter

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