Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Young Justice season 4, episode 9, “Odnu!”

A scene that played out under the closing credits of one Young Justice season 4 episode seemed to hint at a great war in space that decimated the ranks of the Legion of Superheroes. This apparently prompted the survivors to travel back in time to prevent the war from happening. The Legion’s presence in Young Justice season 4 has yet to be fully explained, but it had been suggested they were trying to avert some future disaster caused by a time travelling killer from their time, and a war destroying the Legion would certainly qualify.


Made up of superpowered teenagers from a variety of planets in the 31st century, the Legion of Superheroes were originally created in 1958 as guest characters for a Superboy storyline. The Legion proved popular enough to be given their own series and quickly developed one of the most complex mythologies in the DC Comics multiverse. The Legion have been a background presence in Young Justice season 4, having been shown to be watching over the young heroes of the 21st century for at least a year. This was established in the finale of Young Justice season 3, where the celebrating heroes met at a diner and were served by a waitress who was teased as being the Legionnaire Saturn Girl in disguise.

The closing credits of  Young Justice season 4, episode 9, “Odnu!” offered an update on the Legion of Superheroes and their activities. However, the brief scene offered more questions than answers, showing Saturn Girl and Chameleon Boy sitting on a bus stop bench, apparently on Earth, eating Chicken Whizees. They were also watching an episode of Space Trek 3016, a fictional television series in the world of Young Justice, similar to Star Trek, in which Garfield Logan (aka Beast Boy) played a shapeshifting alien named Lieutenant Tork. The sedate scene was a far cry from their last appearance in Young Justice season 4, episode 4, “Involuntary,” where they were last seen on Mars chasing after their time-traveling quarry after he set up the death of Superboy.

These seemingly pointless scenes playing out under the closing credits are a staple of Young Justice. While they’re often used to deliver comedic interludes, they also have been used to set up important plot elements that paid off later. However, the series has also parodied its own tendency to do this, with one season-long Easter egg in Young Justice season 3 seeming to set up the birth of Slobo, a teenage clone of Lobo from the comics. Some of the closing credits scenes of Young Justice season 3 showed a baby Lobo forming from the severed toe cut from Lobo’s body during one fight with Earth’s heroes early in the season, only for Lobo to crush the clone under his bootheel in the last of the Young Justice season 3 post credit scenes.

With that in mind, the Space Trek 3016 episode the Legion of Superheroes are overheard watching takes on a darker meaning. The brief scene features Beast Boy, as Lieutenant Tork, delivering a dramatic speech about being trapped in a civil war “a billion light years from home” and how they could not give up no matter “how many friends we’ve lost.” This speech only has meaning taken as a dark foreshadowing of the fate of the Legion in the reality of Young Justice and it seems highly unlikely that it was included in the episode as a non sequitur.

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