Fans of Younger tend to agree when it comes to the show’s best characters and romantic storylines. Viewers enjoyed watching Liza work through her feelings for Charles and Josh, and they cheered her on as she began working at Empirical, although she was hiding the secret of her real age. Fans also enjoy side characters, such as Maggie and Diana.

While viewers do have similar opinions about the choices that characters make on Younger, some have spoken up about things that they have noticed over the show’s seven seasons. Now that the series finale has come and gone, it’s interesting to see what fans say about this popular show on Reddit.

10 The Love Triangle Became Less Compelling Over Time

Reddit user nayjacon shared that they didn’t love the love triangle between Josh, Charles, and Liza. They wrote, “More character development for Maggie, Lauren and Dianna would prolong the show, give the show a bit more substance and will break the same boring cycle of the Liza/Josh/Charles love triangle that has been going on from the start.”

This is definitely an unpopular opinion, as many fans enjoyed wondering who Liza was going to pick. Liza and Charles shared a love of books and were age-appropriate for one another, but Josh and Liza always had a special spark.

9 Josh Would Be Too Focused On Being A Parent To Be There For Liza

For Reddit user getyoura**moving, it doesn’t make sense that Josh helps Liza when he’s a dad and has completely changed his life. The fan explained, “It appears that Josh shows up at the right moment to be part of Liza’s life. Don’t he have a baby to take care of, and don’t he have a business to run? Who called Josh to Liza’s photoshoot? This show is going into an unbelievable and unrealistic territory.”

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Many Younger fans like seeing Josh as a dad, as he’s really sweet with Gemma, and it’s a new take to say that he would be too wrapped up in parenthood and business to help Liza. For most, Josh is sweet and loyal.


8 Liza And Josh Shouldn’t Have Be Endgame

For Reddit user Ohhappydayy, Liza and Josh shouldn’t have ended up together because “if Liza ends up with Josh, she will forever be reminded of her lie.”

While not every fan enjoyed season 7, many seemed to like the ending, as Josh and Liza chatted at the bar where they met and seemed to be repeating their romantic history. It’s an unpopular opinion to say that these characters should have moved on from each other so Liza could move on from all the pretending that she did for so long.

7 There Was Too Much Lauren In Season 7

Reddit user lajazzler thinks that Lauren is in too many episodes in the final season. They explained, “Younger has been my absolute favorite from Day One” and said that they didn’t love watching the last batch of episodes. They talked about Lauren in particular and said, “Lauren is being given way too much screen-time.”

Lauren is a beloved character and someone with whom fans would love being friends, so it’s a new take to say that Lauren should have appeared much less in season 7. While some liked seeing her take over Diana’s job, for the time being, it seems like others thought this was too intense.

6 Kelsey Wasn’t A Good Friend To Liza

Reddit user tmt1985 doesn’t think that Kelsey was very nice to Liza. They gave some explanations in their post, explaining, “And after Kelsey found out about Liza’s real age, the way she was so unprofessional about Liza. When the promotion came up she completely threw Liza under the bus. She knows Liza is good at her work.”

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The close friendship that Liza and Kelsey share is one of the most popular aspects of the series, making this a new take on some of the mistakes that Kelsey has made. It’s true that she did make some strange choices when she was angry at her pal.

5 Liza Should Have Told Charles The Truth

Reddit user Leirainwonderland thinks that Liza made a mistake in season 7 by keeping a secret from Charles. The fan wrote that they were “disappointed with Liza for not being honest with Charles sooner. They promised full honesty to each other and she admitted she may not have told him about Inkcubator if circumstances were different.”

Season 7 was a rough one for those who shipped Charles and Liza, especially when Liza lied about Kelsey looking for a different investor for her app/company. While some viewers understood why Liza kept this secret, some wanted her to be honest, as Charles was always kind and fair to Liza.

4 Josh Shouldn’t Have Waited For Liza

According to Reddit user Future_Dog_3156, it doesn’t make sense that in the last moments of season 7, Josh and Liza seemed to be getting back together or at least on their way there. The fan wrote, “Josh’s line was sweet but doesn’t he deserve a life too? I liked his character and hated thinking he was pining away for her. He deserves more too.”

One of the most popular Younger opinions is that Josh was Liza’s soulmate all along, so it’s not often that someone says the opposite. While many swooned when Josh said he had always been there, not everyone felt the same way.

3 Liza Could Have Stayed Single

Reddit user makeurownsandwich would have been fine if Liza hadn’t chosen between Charles and Josh. They wrote, “I’d be totally fine with her dating herself/ending up alone.”

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For most, it would have been unsatisfying if Liza had stayed single at the end of the series and there wasn’t some hint that she would be with Josh or Charles, so this is a different perspective on the series finale.

2 Liza’s Secret Isn’t That Important

Reddit user lifeisnotpreferable asked, “Why is everyone so offended that Liza lied about her age? I just really don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”

For much of Younger, Liza faces many roadblocks thanks to her lie about her age, and her friends, co-workers, and love interests can’t believe that she would go that far. It’s an unpopular opinion to say that her secret might not have been such a big problem after all.

1 Kelsey Wasn’t Professional

For Reddit user snailguy35, Kelsey was “wholly unprofessional” and didn’t do a good job. The fan explained that Kelsey “kept losing books, got bossed around by Quinn then lost all her company’s money.”

It’s interesting that Younger takes place in the world of book publishing, and many viewers feel that Kelsey is incredible at her job, from finding new authors and listening to their pitches to working with them to make their books the best that they can be. It’s definitely a new take to say that she made too many mistakes and wasn’t professional.

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