Following up on a strong first season, DC Universe original Harley Quinn set an even higher standard of excellence with a strong serialized storyline, greater character depth, and a surprisingly well thought out contemporary interpretation of DC’s most iconic female villain/antihero in an even more outstanding second season.

With the show awaiting word on renewal, it’s time to take a look back at some of its more memorable quotes. This list will focus on some of the more funny, awesome, and even dramatic quotes in the second season of Harley Quinn. Keep in mind these quotes are in no particular order.

10 “Harley Quinn, you gave me cancer!?”

Harley Quinn never shied away from dark humor, and nothing is more morbid than cancer. In the episode “Dye Hard”, Harley escapes from a hostage situation with the normalized Joker, Jack Harlow. They break into Wayne Industries’ lab where two henchmen are discussing family. After being caught in a firefight, Harley blasts one of the henchmen, Carl with a ray gun.

Initially not knowing what the ray does, Carl learns that Harley shot him with a cancer ray, saying the above line. Deciding to make the most of his life, Carl leaves to spend time with his kids, with Harley hastily apologizing and wondering aloud why Wayne Industries would make a cancer ray in the first place.

9 “I’m not going to change who I am, I just have a better reason to kill. I am in love!”

It’s hard to believe the Joker was able to find a woman he genuinely loved, but in the episode “A Fight Worth Fighting for”, fans saw a romantic and more human side of the Joker, one who realized that he could be the Clown Prince of Crime and still be an adoring husband and caring stepdad to Bethany and her kids.

Considering the abuse and torture that Joker put Harley through in their relationship, it was surprising that Joker’s quote was the inspiration for Harley to reevaluate her life priorities and win back Poison Ivy. In fact, he was the one who challenged her to not take Ivy’s first rejection of her at face value.


8 “Arkham is for the criminally insane. The Pit is for the criminally capable!”

Bane is arguably one of the most popular characters on Harley Quinn and that’s because of his affable personality combined with a comically exaggerated Tom Hardy impression. In season 2, Bane survives Harley’s purge of the Injustice League by becoming the warden of the Peña Duro North Correctional and Rehabilitation Facility, affectionately known as The Pit.

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Bane surprisingly was a competent warden, highlighting the fact that Arkham is a terrible place to rehabilitate criminals, In The Pit, Bane manages to channel the inmates aggression and hostility into positive energy through group therapy and recreational activity.

7 “Ah, the dwarf that called Wonder Woman a slur that even I dare not utter”

After Harley decides to renege on her deal with Darkseid, Dr. Psycho angrily leaves the crew and teams up with The Riddler to ask for the same deal Harley was offered. When Darkseid finds out who he is talking to, he says the above quote, showing that even the Lord of Apokolips has some lines he dare not cross.

What’s even funnier is Dr. Psycho trying to shame Darkseid afterwards by saying that “Dwarf” is a slur, and that “We’re not in The Wizard of Oz anymore”, as if there was a reason to side with Psycho.

6 “I’m Harley Quinn! I’m impetuous! I kiss people at random!”

This line is uttered twice where, in order to diffuse the tension between her and Poison Ivy, Harley decides to kiss people for no reason. First, she smooches an unwilling and clearly revulsed Dr. Psycho, then a confused and worried Batgirl, before finally kissing King Shark. Furthermore, she does this all while planning to obtain an army to take on Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City PD.

What’s interesting is that King Shark and Clayface realize something’s amiss especially considering the fact that Harley’s actions throughout the first half of the season actually did more good than harm to Gotham. Harley being suspiciously specific about her “kissing habits” really sells the point that she was wrestling with some major inner turmoil before accepting the truth.

5 “I trust you with my life, but not with my heart”

During a wild bachelorette party, Harley sleeps with Ivy, not once, but twice. Initially brushing off the first one as a drunken accident, Harley realizes that she truly has feelings for Ivy, and begs her to reconsider her marriage and be with her.

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Ivy highlights what fans have known about Harley, that she is chaotic and unpredictable, and that she doesn’t want to get hurt by Harley. While she values Harley’s friendship, she cannot see that relationship going past that. This is arguably Harley’s lowest point of Season 2, as she breaks down crying as Ivy decides to stick with Kiteman.

4 “My beautiful girl. Goodbye my love, have the life I could never give you.”

Mr. Freeze was one of the few compassionate villains in the Injustice League, resorting to crime in order to find a cure to save his wife Nora from a very rare blood disorder. Harley however misinterpreted Freeze’s actions as sinister and thought he was keeping Nora prisoner, nearly jeopardizing her life in the process.

After Ivy was brought in to save Nora with a highly experimental treatment, one that would involve a blood transfusion that would kill the donor, Freeze volunteered, sacrificing his life for Nora. He was able to see Nora revive before saying goodbye in one of the more tearjerking scenes in the season. Harley, after seeing this, finally realized that there is such a thing as true love.

3 “I’m not the person for you. Like you said, Ivy, I deserve better.”

Kiteman spent most of the second season alternating between Poison Ivy’s love interest and hapless butt monkey. While it seemed like he was going to finally catch a break by marrying Ivy, her reaction to his vows coupled with Commissioner Gordon’s raid on the ceremony made him realize that he had been fooling himself into believing she loved him.

Even though Harley offered to make it up to Kiteman by marrying them on the spot, he turned her down. In a very spot on takedown, he pointed out that he had to do all the heavy lifting in the relationship and felt that even afterwards, it was never enough. For someone who never truly got any respect, Kiteman deserves props for finally standing up for himself and leaving with dignity.

2 “Are you s****ing me Clayface!? You could change into this at any time, but you chose ditzy coeds and divorcées?”

While battling Psycho’s mind controlled army, Poison Ivy, King Shark, and Clayface, Harley comes in to see a giant Clayface incapacitating Batman. This annoys Harley, and she absolutely tears into him for not using this ability, instead channeling his usefulness into very poor character acting.

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Considering the varying degrees of success of Clayface’s characters combined with his outright hamminess, it’s no wonder Harley felt that Clayface was wasting his and her time by playing characters and inventing overly complicated backstories when he could have been additional muscle for her as she clawed her way up the Gotham underworld ladder.

1 “We’re going to have a f***ing rager.”

Harley, Ivy, and the Cobb Squad stumble upon Eris’s evil plan to sell Themyscira to Lex Luthor to be redeveloped as a tourist resort. Convincing a reluctant Ivy to stay for the remainder of the bachelorette weekend, the Cobb Squad decide to take matters into their own hands and disrupt the sale all while saving Hippolyta.

In gratitude for Harley and the rest of the Cobb Squad’s actions. Hippolyta agrees to celebrate their victory in the tradition of the Amazons. Harley asks if they’re going to have a “f**cking rager”, to which Hippolyta responds in kind, throwing wild boozy beach party, which sets the stage for Harley deciding to pursue Ivy.

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