The DC Extended Universe has featured great variety in portraying its heroes, with the straitlaced Justice League paralleling the erratic Task Force X. The Suicide Squad brought the team in for another adventure in Corto Maltese, which saw them try a number of plans to take down Jotunheim prison.

The squad had earlier been commissioned to Midway City in the first movie, where the original team also had mixed success with their strategic skill. Since there have been enough attempts made by both incarnations of the team by now, it’s worth taking a look back at what worked best for Amanda Waller’s selected recruits and where they failed badly.

8 Best: Diverting The Military To Allow Sol Soria To Take Control Of The Government

Sol Soria proved to be one of the bravest characters in The Suicide Squad when she aided the team against the Corto Maltese government. Her success in taking over the capitol building was a result of Task Force X’s planning, though, as they realized they could accomplish two tasks simultaneously.

Rick Flag instructed Sol Soria to storm the capitol building while they went into Jotunheim, as he claimed that the military would go after the team and this would allow the resistance to overcome the weakened government officials. In the end, this is exactly what happened, as the team’s diversion was enough for Sol Soria to overthrow the government and end the dictatorship once and for all.

7 Worst: Captain Boomerang & Slipknot’s Plan Of Escaping In Plain Sight

The success of the second movie has allowed the first Suicide Squad to age well, but this is one thing that will always remain ludicrous. After Slipknot joined the team’s ranks, Captain Boomerang discreetly convinced him to go on with his plan to escape, as he believed the team didn’t actually have explosives planted on them.

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To this end, the two attempted to attack Flag and his crew, following which Boomerang was easily beaten by Katana while Slipknot looked to climb away. His efforts were for naught, as Flag blew his head up with the nanite charge, making this one of the worst thought-out plans anybody from the squad ever came up with.


6 Best: Using The Thinker To Gain Access To Jotunheim

Jotunheim was pretty much a fortress that seemed impossible to penetrate through the use of force. To get around this issue, the team decided to track The Thinker, who had open access to the prison, and his vehicle wasn’t even inspected by security.

This plan worked like a charm, as the team caught The Thinker in the bar he frequented and forced him to take them to Jotunheim. Everything would have gone on smoothly had Peacemaker not betrayed the team, because the characters got access to Jotunheim and were successful in rigging it to blow up as well.

5 Worst: Facing The Corto Maltese Ambush Individually At The Beach

This is among the things that didn’t make sense in The Suicide Squad, with Task Force Team A getting massacred at the beach due to their own lack of strategy. Although Blackguard gave away their position, the team had all initially hidden and could have come up with another plan.

However, they came up with individual plans that they shouted out to their teammates, involving things like Mongal jumping on a helicopter and getting caught on fire, TDK punching soldiers by giving away his position, and Javelin running around with no care for strategy. It’s no wonder the team went down since this individual level of thinking was doomed from the start.

4 Best: Using The Flash Drive To Blackmail Amanda Waller

Task Force X Team B deserves credit for being among the smartest characters in The Suicide Squad, as they managed to both gain their freedom and ensure Amanda Waller would never bother them again. They achieved this by using the flash drive containing incriminating evidence of the U.S. government’s role in Jotunheim against Waller.

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Although Rick Flag had wanted to expose this information, Bloodsport and the rest agreed that holding it was more beneficial, as it would mean that they had leverage against Waller and she couldn’t blow up the explosives on their necks.

3 Worst: Sacrificing El Diablo To Destroy Incubus

Enchantress’s brother turned out to be a bigger challenge than everyone thought and the initial plan to blow him up didn’t come through, as Incubus wasn’t directed toward the charge. El Diablo then came up with another idea to force Incubus into the fatal spot at the expense of his own life.

Although it worked, it was a pretty awful plan since it meant that El Diablo died in the explosion as well. Moreover, none of the other teammates even did anything other than stare at El Diablo, which was time that would’ve been better spent working together to isolate Incubus and pull their friend out of the compromising position.

2 Best: Attacking Starro’s Weak Points

The Corto Maltese government tried and failed to contain Starro by simply shooting at him, which ended up getting them killed. Bloodsport came up with the plan to utilize the team’s skills to target Starro’s weaknesses, and they worked as a unit to bring him down.

This included Polka-Dot Man attacking Starro’s legs, Harley piercing through Starro’s eyes, and Ratcatcher 2 summoning rats to devour the villain from the inside. With Bloodsport directing the entire attack, Task Force X managed to save all of Corto Maltese and put an end to Starro.

1 Worst: Killing Off Everyone At The Resistance Camp

This was the first plan that Task Force X Team B initiated upon arriving in Corto Maltese and it blew up right in their faces. As it happened, the team took to killing everyone they found in the camp, whom they mistook for being the ones to kidnap Rick Flag.

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It was after they found Flag with Sol Soria that the squad realized they had just ended the resistance, which was a huge setback since they would have helped them fight the government. The plan had no tactics like surveying the area involved, and the characters simply eliminated everyone they could find and didn’t bother to see who they were massacring.

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