Like most action RPGs, Dragon Age: Inquisition has players build their character using active and passive skills across a series of skill trees for their class and specialization. Each skill improves the player character’s prowess in combat and makes it easier for them to stand against more difficult enemies, including demon bosses, high dragons, and, if the player has The Descent and Jaws of Hakkon DLC installed, a god and a Titan. Of course, players cannot just grab whatever skills they want at any time. Instead, they will need to spend Skill points, which are generally earned each time a player earns enough XP to level up. It can take a long time for players to build the character the way they want.


There is a game-breaking glitch in Dragon Age: Inquisition that still works even six years after the game first launched. This glitch allows the player infinite Skill points to build their character however they want. To access this, they will need a specific Inquisition Perk and an Amulet of Power found after completing quests in Crestwood. As such, players normally won’t be able to access this until about halfway through their game, following the main quest In Your Heart Shall Burn and during the questline for Here Lies the Abyss. Still, it is a powerful exploit players can use to get through their Nightmare difficulty playthrough or complete the game with even the most difficult Trials turned on. Here’s how to gain Infinite Skill Points in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

How to Get Infinite Skill Points in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Infinite Skill Points glitch takes advantage of the fact that Inquisition will reset any chest the player does not fully loot. If a player does this with a certain chest in Crestwood that always contains an Amulet of Power specific to the Inquisitor, they can pick up dozens of these Amulets and use them to gain as many Skill points as they need to build their perfect hero. Each Amulet of Power awards the character one extra Skill Point to use when building. There is one in the game for every companion and a few for the Inquisitor.

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The chest containing the Amulet is located behind a locked door in Crestwood, which doesn’t unlock as a playable area until midway through the main quest. Players will need to progress their game to the point where they meet Hawke and Varric on the Skyhold battlements to activate the Here Lies the Abyss main quest. As they are playing, they will want to focus on picking up agents for Leliana and investing four Inquisition Perks into the Secrets category so they can unlock the Deft Hands, Fine Tools perk.

There are a few ways players can do this. They can simply invest their first four Inquisition Perks in the Secrets category. Good options to pick up include Arcane Knowledge for increased dialogue and agent recruitment options, Optimal Cutting for the chance to get more herbs during a harvest, and Enhanced Studies for more XP per creature researched. Alternatively, players can recruit agents from The Hinterlands, including Smuggler Tanner in Redcliffe, Scout Ritts, and Speaker Anais. Each one of these will count as a point in the Secrets category, allowing players to save their Perk Points and only pick up one other Perk in Secrets. As soon as players have four agents or Perks in the Secrets category, they can unlock  Deft Hands, Fine Tools.

Next, the player will need to travel to Crestwood. They will need to complete the A Missing Warden and Still Waters quests here. Then, with a rogue in the party, they will need to fast travel to the Village of Crestwood.

While facing the fast travel marker, players should turn right and go up the shallow stairs to a wooden hut. There is a sack leaning against a painting on the outer wall. Once the rogue unlocks the door, they will find a chest inside that contains an Amulet of Power for the Inquisitor, along with some other loot. Players should take only the Amulet and leave anything else they find inside the chest.

Players should then pull up the World Map and travel anywhere outside Crestwood. Once they make it to the camp, they can fast travel back to the Village of Crestwood and repeat the process. The chest should have reset with another Amulet of Power. This can be repeated as many times as a player wants until they have enough Skill Points for their build.

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Equipping each Amulet of Power will cause it to vanish and award the character one extra Skill Point permanently. If the player decides to re-spec their character, all the Skill points gained using this exploit should remain.

This process can also work with Amulets of Power found in chests for other characters. However, most companions’ Amulets of Power are given as gifts or rewards for completing War Table missions or side quests and cannot be exploited this way.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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