The men on Temptation Island 3 will live with 11 temptresses trying to break them up from their longtime girlfriends. Historically, the single girls on Temptation Island have had a lot of luck trying to get the committed men to cheat. In fact, on season 1, Evan Smith went as far as breaking up with his high school sweetheart Kaci Campbell to start a relationship with contestant Morgan Lolar. Evan also proposed to Morgan at the finale, but the two reportedly broke up in the months that followed their appearance on the show.

As it is now tradition, a total of four couples are joining Temptation Island 3 to test their limits, boundaries, and trust issues. For season 3, the couples are Chelsea Orcutt & Thomas Gipson, Erica Washington & Kendal Kirkland, Erin Smith & Corey Sobczyk, and Kristen Ramos & Julian Allen. In the official season 3 trailer, Erica and Kendal revealed that they have “no rules” for each other going into the show, which is certainly pretty shocking for longtime fans of the series to hear. With that said, the viewers are obviously excited about all the drama that this couple might be responsible for on the show.


A total of 11 single girls have been cast on Temptation Island season 3. The series will feature Alexcys Homan (23-year-old personal assistant), Amanda Spain-Butts (24-year-old operations coordinator), Grace Hagan (25-year-old PR professional), Isabel Thanimithak (27-year-old bartender), Katrina Koomen (22-year-old model), Lauryn Stewart (27-year-old personal trainer), Madilynn Brown (24-year-old professional dancer), Maya Morsi (32-year-old web developer), Nickole Ciszak (22-year-old marketing manager), Sophia Perez (22-year-old makeup artist), and Lauren “Tula” Poindexter (28-year-old content creator). Of note, only one of these women is over 30 years old. Considering that the cast of single men includes 12 contestants, some fans are also wondering why only 11 single women have been officially cast on season 3.

The jury is still out on whether any Temptation Island 3 couple will survive this experience. The single girls in the cast all look beautiful and appear to be interesting, so it will be harder than ever for the committed men to fight against temptation on the show. While most couples in the series are bound to fail, the viewers always hope that some couples can rise to the challenge.

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It’s a new year for Temptation Island, and the fans are dying to watch season 3. May the drama begin!

Temptation Island 3 premieres Tuesday, February 16 at 10 pm EST on USA.

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